Vegas Recommendations/Requests

dstagl wrote on 6/22/1999, 11:36 AM
First off, this is a problem I've had. I use multiple
hardware configs and Vegas wouldn't run with both configs.
One config I use makes use of our network and another
disables it to give me more resources. Since I installed
with the network running to get my registration code, I
can't run it without the network. This isn't any good for
me and I'm sure somewhere down the line it will be a
problem for somebody else. Plus, what do I do when I get a
new computer or upgrade my current one?

So here's my list:

1.) Multiple hardware config support
2.) When you split events that are grouped and start
separating the split event(not moving, editing the event),
both events should be separated simultaneously.
3.) Ability to split stereo files into two mono tracks.
This would be nice when importing video files with two
tracks of audio.

So far I'm really getting into the program because it
finally gives me the closest thing to the editing power of
Pro Tools on a PC, but if there's no support for multiple
hardware configs the program is unfortunately worthless to
me, and I hope that I wouldn't have to pay for the program
everytime I decide to upgrade or buy a new system.



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