Vegas render percentage progress window not showing?


Easyweb wrote on 5/16/2022, 9:59 AM

@Easyweb if your hard drive is still being used after the 100%, the finished rendered video is now being written to your hard drive. If you have a slow hard drive, a hard drive that hasn't been optimized, etc., that will be the reason.

You are now using what @vkmast suggested for the missing rendering window?

Aaah ok, maybe that's the reason then with this. I have a few hard drives on my PC so I'll try different one's to see if that makes a difference, thank you!!!! 🙏😊

I'm going to try that soon what @vkmast suggested so I'll let you know soon as I'm able to do so, again thank you, I honestly appreciate you guys as it can be quite hard to try do things on your own sometimes, it's not always easy to find the answers so I really appreciate the time and help you guys are kindly giving, so thank you!! 😊