Vegas rendering audio without sound

GuilhermeYohan-Yohan wrote on 4/19/2019, 8:26 AM

Hello, I recently bought the new versions of Vegas 16 and Forge 13, since then I started having problems. Are they: Vegas: When rendering by replacing an audio file, it renders with the muted file. However, if I make a render by creating a new file, the material becomes normal. Anyone have any idea what that might be? Magix support means that it is not binding to my problem


Dexcon wrote on 4/19/2019, 8:36 AM

I suspect you might be referring to Sound Forge Audio Studio 13 as Sound Forge 12 is still the latest release of that program. Anyway, are you rendering audio in AC3? There was a problem not all that long ago when re-rendering an audio track to AC3 resulted in a muted track. The workaround was to delete the earlier AC3 file and then render the audio again.

GuilhermeYohan-Yohan wrote on 4/19/2019, 9:11 AM


Actually, I'm using the latest version of Vegas PRO 16. The error happens regardless of the format I render. However, this occurs when I am going to write under an existing file. If I create a new one, everything happens the right way

bitman wrote on 5/1/2019, 7:11 AM

@GuilhermeYohan-Yohan Do you still have the issue with the latest Vegas patch - 424?

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