Vegas still confused working with DivX

BillyBoy wrote on 5/21/2005, 9:21 AM
Like it or not the DivX format is gaining in popularity and at sufficiant bitrate produces very good overall results with a good compromise between picture quality and file size.

So why does Vegas more often than not stumble badly?

Case in point, I recently downloaded a nature film from a broadcast on public television. File was in DivX 5 format. While Vegas could open the file, it messed up in the attempt. First only the audio track filled out with the video portion nothing but black frames. Worse the audio track was shown to be several seconds longer than the video track.

Interesting that this file is easily opened in Virtual Dub which correctly shows its length to be 60,299 frames while Vegas shows the same 60,299 video frames, it shows the audio track extending to 60,432 frames.