Vegas Studio now in the Sony Online Store

moron wrote on 8/31/2004, 5:56 PM
Howdy. Just thought I would note that Vegas Studio is now available via the online store including an upgrade option ($29.95).

Important note - Win98SE is no longer supported so only XP users need apply.

Locks me out for now as upgrading to XP would personally be a major hassle (need a bigger drive since XP is a hawg, more money to Microsoft which is a bad thing considering their antisocial behaviour, make dual booting into my main Linux OS more of a hassle, etc.). Maybe, when I can afford Vegas.




jvolino wrote on 8/31/2004, 7:54 PM
Thanks for the heads up! I called to order by phone this afternoon and they wouldn't sell it to me yet. Also, for those that are going to buy it, remember that Sony offers free shipping (and no sales tax to my state at least), so unless you're really impatient, that's as good a deal as a download.

ADinelt wrote on 8/31/2004, 7:58 PM
I like the price of the upgrade. Thanks Sony.

But why oh why doesn't Vegas Studio support Windows 98SE? At one point Microsoft was going to drop support for 98, but did a turn around and will be supporting it for a while longer. WIth all the problems that Microsoft is having with XP and SP2, it will be a long time before I give up 98 at home. Win98 is not plagued with as many security problems as XP or 2000. I deal with all of these types of headaches at work, so why should I give up Win98 at home?
jvolino wrote on 8/31/2004, 8:01 PM
The big factor is probably DVD Architect, which was written first for the high end Vegas people who wouldn't likely be on Win98 anymore. My bet is that if you install the demo of Movie Studio itself on Win98 you'll find it runs fine.

Chienworks wrote on 9/1/2004, 5:28 AM
This is the normal trend for most software companies. It takes a lot of extra effort to write software that runs under multiple versions of Windows. Most people would probably rather pay the programmers to add new useful features rather than make sure that the software works on other OS versions. Since it's economical to pick one version, the newest version is chosen since most customers already have it or will be upgrading to it at some point.

Every SONY media software new version release for the past year has been XP only. I'm pretty sure the next version of ACID will be XP only too, as will all future versions. You've got two choices: move on to the new OS, or stay where you are.

I, too, was originally hesitant to upgrade to Windows XP. My main concern was the new GUI layout, which i considered to be annoying, distracting, inefficient, childish, and utterly unprofessional. I soon discovered that it contained a Windows 9X classic skin which makes it look almost identical to Windows 98SE. That took care of all my issues. Other than that, i have had precisely zero problems with XP. Every piece of software i've tried has run flawlessly. All the current hardware and drivers i had function properly (even some ancient ones that didn't work quite right under 98SE now work perfectly). XP crashes far less than 98SE and runs faster and smoother.

True, your milage may vary, and some may have specific pieces of software or hardware that isn't XP compatible. In most cases the manufacturers have released patches or drivers to correct the problems. Check the manufacturer's website for specific info. Once again, it's your choice. If you don't want XP then you also won't get the newer software that requires it. That doesn't mean that what you have now stops working, so keep working with what you have.
cbrillow wrote on 9/1/2004, 7:41 AM
I had very good luck with Windows 98SE, until my initial steps with video editing. (with Pinnacle) That sent me screaming into the night to purchase Windows XP, which I have found to be the most stable version to date. As Chienworks says, your mileage may vary. But I would never go back to 98.
ADinelt wrote on 9/1/2004, 9:05 AM
Which version of XP are you using, Home or Pro?

My concern is that I work in an IT department for the city I live in, and we are having nothing but problems with SP2 and getting software to run properly.
SonySCS wrote on 9/1/2004, 9:45 AM
The programs support unicode and unicode is 2000 and XP. Where did you read only XP? The pages better say 2000 also or they need instant -- instant -- changing.

SonySCS wrote on 9/1/2004, 9:56 AM
Which reminds me: a number of Sound Forge 7 and even Vegas 5 users forced the Sony install into Sonic Foundry directories and then plug-ins, registrations, licenses were all messed up. It says don't do this on the VMS 4 download page, but ..


Chienworks wrote on 9/1/2004, 9:58 AM
Al, I've got XP Pro at home and XP Home at work (go figger). Both are completely trouble free. We haven't tried SP2 yet and our official decision is to put off installing it until most of the bugs are worked out.
Chienworks wrote on 9/1/2004, 10:00 AM
Suzan, sorry, sloppy wording on my part. What i mean is the newer NT-based OSses, which include XP and 2000. It seems that 2000 is a rapidly dwindling segment though, probably fewer 2000 users these days than 98SE. Heck, were i work we have far more people using 95 or ME than using 2000!
SonySCS wrote on 9/1/2004, 10:28 AM
No problem. I went on and looked around. Since the catalog (available online btw) says upgrade from VMS ->Vegas 4 (sigh...) you never know what can sneak in or out.


cbrillow wrote on 9/1/2004, 4:04 PM
I have both both versions, and have run Screenblast and Vegas 5 under both. They seem equally robust. Even have Studio 9 running on XP Pro. (Have not tried it on XP Home.)
gus2150 wrote on 9/1/2004, 6:43 PM
I just ordered the upgrade boxed version of Vegas Movie Studio+DVD for $29.95 with free shipping and no tax. How can you beat that?

Just a note - I also just downloaded and installed SP2 on my two desktops and my laptop. All installs were smooth with no problems. Whether ALL my programs will work - time will tell. But so far everything works fine. SP2 seems to be a bit faster.

I'm excited about this new version of Movie Studio. I've been using Scenalyzer Live for video capture, MovieStudio 3.0 for video editing and Ulead MovieFactory 3 for authoring. Now I should be able to do everything with this one package. We'll see.

IanG wrote on 9/2/2004, 12:35 AM
>I just ordered the upgrade boxed version of Vegas Movie Studio+DVD for $29.95 with free shipping and no tax. How can you beat that?

Make it available internationaly without having having to pay something like $50 shipping!

Ian G.
GerryLeacock wrote on 9/2/2004, 7:42 PM
I purchased it online, now I'm trying to learn the "what's new" about it. Besides DVD Architect and a few new transitions, what exactly IS new and improved?
discdude wrote on 9/3/2004, 7:38 AM
That's not the only typo ...

Under the "Export and Sharing" feature list, there is an asterisk and the phrase "*New feature in ACID Music Studio software".

I assume that is supposed to be "New feature in Vegas Movie Studio software."

I hope I didn't get your copy editor fired ;)
bkthiess wrote on 9/3/2004, 12:02 PM
DVD Architect Studio in itself is worth the $29.95. Especially for those of us who have been fighting with MyDVD all this time. 3-D graphics might be nice too. I'll have to see when mine arrives. I've been using the demo of Architect Studio and it creates a much better product than MyDVD.