Vegas V11 x64 crashes all the time

Summersond wrote on 11/27/2011, 4:48 PM
I just upgraded from V9 to V11 x64 and am using the latest version update. I have never had so many crashes as I have with V11. It seems that every time I am using the color corrector feature on a clip and I go to adjust one or more of the sliders it will suddenly crash. I had to limp through a little bit at a time for adjustments saving every few minutes. I have never had this issue with earlier versions. I have 8gb ram and a 3.2 ghz quad processor so that is not the issue. Is this a common theme among other users on V11? I do hope this gets fixed soon! I am using an Invidia GeForce 9800 GT video card.


paul_w wrote on 11/27/2011, 5:20 PM
I typed in a search on this forum for "color corrector crash", theres a bunch of people talking about this too, so no, you're not alone.
However, there are people on here who are seeing no issues whatsoever with v11, baffling indeed. Fingers are then being pointed at our hardware and drivers.. go figure.

rdolishny wrote on 11/27/2011, 7:12 PM
I found not using the Preview on External Monitor made a lot of crashes go away.
rmack350 wrote on 11/27/2011, 9:09 PM
I just tried it out in a project with mismatched random media. At first try I was getting the color corrector applied to a single event just fine but Vegas would crash if I applied it to a second event.

Just for yucks, I uninstalled NB Titler and tried again. This time I was able to apply a color corrector about 5 times before crashing.

I wasn't actually using the NB Titler but some people have suggested that it's mere presence is a problem. Indeed, uninstalling it appeared to help but if I were to point a finger I think I'd maybe just wave it in the general direction of OFX plugins. If the mere presence of a plugin is having an impact then maybe other OFX plugins are also causing problems? (I haven't really proved to myself that Removing NB Titler made any difference at all. Further tests have me back to crashing on the second use of the color corrector. Maybe the improvement after removing the titler was just a fluke.)

The other thing that was catching my eye was the fact that the Event FX window always starts out with Pan/Crop loaded. That's new for VP11, isn't it? Okay, ...fine, but the way event FX opens up is to open the FX window, then load a thumbnail of your video into the Pan/Crop tool, then open the FX selection window. To me, the appearance of the thumbnail and the opening of the selection window seemed to collide. Sometimes the thumbnail loaded before, sometimes after, which makes me wonder if they're stealing focus from each other or somehow causing problems.

VP11-64 build 425
Intel i5-2500, default clock
Using integrated graphics

Project template was HD 1080-60i
8-bit color mode
200 MB Dynamic RAM preview

Using MS Sound Mapper with motherboard's onboard audio

Media was a mix of jpegs, PNGs, .mov files using the Raylight Decoder plugin, and a cineform file. Nothing particularly well-chosen there.
Martin Tank wrote on 11/28/2011, 1:29 AM
Hi there,
The same problems using FX in Vegas Pro 11 (build 425).
After one FX addition there is no mproblem. It occurs after 2 - 3 FX additions Vegas Pro crashes.
Graatings from Holland,
Martin Tank
Steve Mann wrote on 11/28/2011, 8:54 AM
If you use the nVidia "auto scan", it will likely report that you have the latest version.

If you are using a late-model nVidia/GeForce video card, the 285.79 Beta driver may fix some problems.The 285.79-Beta driver seems to fix a lot of problems in Vegas installations.

Download it, install it and run Vegas. check for your "Vegas Bug" and let us know your results. You can always roll-back the latest released driver.
rmack350 wrote on 12/3/2011, 4:40 PM
I can reproduce it with just the integrated Intel graphics. Nvidia graphics drivers are not a factor in my case.

Rob Mack
yosemite wrote on 12/3/2011, 6:21 PM
Crashing on me also, Pro 11 64 bit, while my Pro 9 works perfect!
Leee wrote on 12/3/2011, 7:28 PM
@rmack350 - That's good deductive reasoning and investigating. I've come up with a similar conclusion as well. But the big mystery is how could SCS not know about this bug before they released it? Don't they have beta testers? The very LEAST they could have done is released the latest version with a "known bugs" list and a promise to fix the issues as soon as they can.

Geez, my wife gave me so much grief on spending $200 for the upgrade (which we couldn't afford, but I tried to justify it by saying it would make my work easier.....HA!)
Now I got a severe case of buyer's remorse and stuck with using the version I already had prior to the loss of my $200.
Summersond wrote on 12/4/2011, 9:10 PM
Well, I finally got to update the NVIdia driver and tried to break it again. I was successful! It did not help any and I also had to uninstall and reinstall V11 after updating the driver, as it seemed to drag on forever opening up and never successfully opened up the project I was on just before I updated video driver. Once I reinstalled V11, the program opened up again fine, but did not take care of the issue of it locking up when I messed with the color corrector controls. I had to kill the process, not just the task in task manager. I am hoping for a quick patch update to fix this issue.
rmack350 wrote on 12/4/2011, 9:21 PM

I did a bit more testing and it seems to me that Vegas is crashing when you use OFX EventFX. I tried about 4, all of them would crash sooner or later. The crash occurs (for me at least) as the EventFX window is opening, not while adjusting the effect. It seemed to take maybe 4-6 openings of the EventFX window

I tried to reproduce this with a directX effect but I didn't get a crash out of it within 12 tries.

I'm also finding that VP10-64, installed on the same machine, crashes in exactly the same way.

I tested all this on a set of DV.AVI clips on the assumption that Vegas out to have no troubles with these.

So, I'm going to assume for now that there's something seriously wrong with an OFX library or something similar. Something that VP10 and VP11 both have in common.

<edit>I take it back about the crashes only occurring as the dialog opens. I just got the Sony Mirror OFX plugin to crash while adjusting it. At this point, OFX Effect seem to crash pretty reliably. Anyone want to bang away at DirectX Effects for a while?

It seems to me that if this is a widespread problem then it's something SCS will need to fix very, very soon. Like in the next day or two.</edit>

kakman wrote on 12/4/2011, 10:16 PM
I filed a bug report reagarding the OFX (which affects transitions, FX and the new Sony titler) issue to both Sony and New Blue the first week the software was released.

I notified Sony that the 425 release did not fix this issue and have subsequently requested an update to the problem.

I have not received any response at all.

rmack350 wrote on 12/5/2011, 12:01 AM
Sometimes SCS is really, really, really, really slow to respond to this stuff. And it's the weekend.

It's unfortunate that the problem also is occurring in VP10. That makes it a lot less likely that users can revert to a VP 10 version of their project.

rmack350 wrote on 12/5/2011, 12:49 AM
Okay, last post about this for me today. I just reinstalled VP9e (32bit version was what I had). I can't get it to crash while adjusting the color corrector. I *can* get VP10 and 11 to crash quite easily with the OFX filters. DirectX filters seem to work fine in 10 and 11.

It's not going to be practical to take a project all the way back to VP9. Maybe a workaround would be to use something like AAV Colorlab, which is free and DirectX. Otherwise, you can apply an OFX filter and copy/paste attributes without crashing.

Maybe the 32-bit version of VP11 doesn't crash like this. I haven't tried it to find out.