Vegas Video and Dazzle DVnow AV

devlin wrote on 2/20/2001, 8:45 PM
Well replaced my old DPS Editbay with a highly recommended
Dazzle DVnowAV(Recommended by premiere people of course)
and am having problems for some reason the render as
doesn't list my fast DV format and I can't seem to open
video captured in DV Now in Vegas.

I am currently capturing in DV Now, importing into
premiere, rendering as microsoft DV(NTSC) and then opening
it up in Vegas. This of course stinks! Because you have
to do just the oppisite to print to tape, am I missing
something? If anyone has Dazzle card working let me know
tried to reinstall vegas and it still doesn't pick up the
fast DV codec.?

Thanks in advanced....