SonyEPM wrote on 11/20/2001, 12:38 PM
This is a great deal, and it isn't going last forever. I encourage anyone "on the fence" to download the Vegas Video 3 demo and play around with it- think VideoFactory2 on steroids!
Summersond wrote on 11/21/2001, 8:49 AM
Thanks for the heads up! I jumped on the deal right away. I couldn't believe what all the bigger version does! I am very impressed so far, although it will take some time to get familiar with it. The online manual is only 363 pages long! Anyone considering wanting to use multiple video layers will definately want to get in on this deal.

yirm wrote on 11/21/2001, 10:30 AM
Awesomely cool. I just bought mine. See you in the Vegas newsgroup.

FrankM wrote on 11/21/2001, 5:31 PM
Is Vegas Video really that much better than VF?
Chienworks wrote on 11/21/2001, 9:08 PM
It's kinda like comparing a bicycle to a motorcycle. If you're into the
high-power ride, it's amazing! If you're still more than bewildered with
VideoFactory, then it's probably got more than enough for what you
need. But still, download and try the Vegas demo before the special
offer expires ... just in case. ;-)
wvg wrote on 11/21/2001, 10:11 PM
More like a motorcycle with a flat tire. You can't inport or export a MPEG. That's like a Photoshop demo only rendering in black and white.

If they had to restrict, would have been much smarter to limit render time to just five minutes or something along those lines. There isn't a single word on the download page that says the demo is crippled. There's no mention in the email Video Factory users got either that says it is a crippled demo.
Jamz wrote on 11/23/2001, 9:26 AM
When you purchase you will have a Ligos & Main concept mpeg encoder with SVCD & DVD templates. The Ligos encoder doesn't have alot of settings but Main concept does.
yirm wrote on 11/23/2001, 1:38 PM
There are several MAJOR features that you might find lacking in VF that you will get in Vegas. For instance, only two layers of video severely limits the compositing you can do. For home videos with one camera, you might not need this feature. But I'm now putting together a concert with at least three different video camera angles, and this will make unlimited video layers a necessity.

yirm wrote on 11/23/2001, 1:44 PM
I don't see anything nefarious here. Sure, it would be better if they mentioned it on the website. But as I mentioned elsewhere, these are licensed components and they may not have the right to distribute them in their demos or betas. In the scheme of the entire Vegas program, this does not, in my opinion limit your ability to evaluate the program. You are not paying for anything here. The demo a marketing tool for SF and a convenience for you.

I'm not an apologiest for SF. They have done more than a few things to piss me off in the past. The thign I find impressive is that when they get feedback, they seem to implement it. So an email to customer service regarding the language on the website might do you better than ranting here.

Just my opinion.

bjtap wrote on 11/29/2001, 9:18 PM
Could someone here please tell me how you did this update for $149.95? I go to that site and all I get is an offer for over $400.00.
yirm wrote on 11/29/2001, 11:56 PM
Order the full version, not the upgrade. Select CD or download. If download, decide if you want the content CD mailed when it's available. Then put in the keycode 6859. That should bring the price down. Took me a while to figure it out as well.