B_JM wrote on 2/16/2005, 6:36 AM
..:\Program Files\Sony\Shared Plug-Ins\Help Files
nickle wrote on 2/16/2005, 10:51 AM
You can also do a reinstall and select "repair" and Vegas will fix it.
yinako wrote on 2/16/2005, 7:03 PM
hi thanks i find the help files, but when I try to open them I get an error of

"cannot open the MK@MSITStrore C:\programfiles\...\vegas50.chm“

I can't open any of the files in the help folder!
nickle wrote on 2/16/2005, 7:06 PM
Did you do the "repair" reinstall? It only takes a couple of minutes and usually fixes the problem.
nickle wrote on 2/16/2005, 7:49 PM

I found this after googling the error message.

04-11-04 08:10 PM

>"MSIT Store:C:\WINDOWS\start:chm::start.html"
hmmm ... I worked on that this morning ..... = "CHM exploit"

Run that and then delete c:\windows\start.chm and c:\windows\start.html
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