Peter (Conz) Connelly wrote on 1/14/2010, 5:42 AM

I was about to post a query regarding Sony v UAD but came across your post, so hope you don't mine me adding to this.

I've had serious problems using UAD with Vegas over the years. I have v8 at home and rendering / playback has always been a nuisance. I am using 9 at work, with Waves, and it's fine but I daren't use UAD with Vegas until this problem is sorted. It has even been a problem with many releases of SF so try to avoid using UAD with Sony products where possible.

UAD works fine with Cubase and other DAW / Sound Editing Software. It's just Sony products I have this grief with and I'm not alone, it's a well known problem. Last time I looked into this UAD were blaming Sony and Sony were blaming UAD. I am not upgrading to the latest versions until I know all problems and issues have been resolved otherwise I might seriously consider trading in my Sony software in favour of Nuendo and Wavelab.

So come on... Sony: get these issues solved. If Steinberg and the others can get UAD working perfectly, why can't you?

Best wishes,
SonyMLogan wrote on 1/14/2010, 7:49 AM
My recommendation for an optimal UAD experience is to use UADs alone, or with VST plugins (not DX) in vegas projects. Limiting the use of UAD to buses also increases reliability. This is a big generalization and there are instances where DX and UAD can coexist in a vegas project., but for simplicity's sake this is the best guideline I can give.

The problem with UAD (and its lack of issues with Cubase, etc) is due to the fact that UAD designed their hardware to function with the Steinberg audio engine. UAD hardware demands a certain set of rules be applied in how and when fx processing occurs. We have been making incremental improvements in our handling of UAD, but the amount of work required to get 100% compatibility has been prohibitive. I am also aware that other DAW vendors have similar problems with UAD for the same reasons.
Peter (Conz) Connelly wrote on 1/15/2010, 7:24 AM

Thank you for your reply :)

It's my understanding other DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper and Ableton Live are all fine with UAD but I will certainly give your advice a go and use the VST only versions.

Best wishes,
jbolley wrote on 1/15/2010, 10:54 AM
I have a UAD-1e and vegas 8. No problem here until I tried to update the UAD software - I believe that made all plugins VST only - if you can get them to work as Direct X plugins they're OK.
Granted this is all from memory but I was great, then I upgraded, problems, then went back & everything's great again. Sorry, the system's not in front of me to see what UA software version...

M_B wrote on 1/16/2010, 11:14 AM
I have projects that renders fine in Vegas 6, 7, 8 but when i open them in V9 it wont render. How come ? I only use the vst versions since the dx is gone.