NormanPCN wrote on 2/3/2015, 3:20 PM
Those who know are under NDA and cannot talk.
Cheryl Payne wrote on 2/3/2015, 3:35 PM
So no idea?? Weeks or months??
Chienworks wrote on 2/3/2015, 3:47 PM
Those who know can't talk, and those who talk don't know.

So, there is no idea as to when it might come out. I can guess it will probably be sometime between tomorrow and 2017. I wouldn't try to pin it down any closer than that, and i may be wrong.
Tom Pauncz wrote on 2/3/2015, 3:49 PM

If history holds true, typically SONY announces new version at NAB, usually held in April.

My experience has been that the new version usually ships around the Sept-Oct time-frame.

I do not have any direct knowledge of future Vegas Pro plans.


winrockpost wrote on 2/3/2015, 4:30 PM
june 20th
wilvan wrote on 2/4/2015, 1:39 PM
IBC Amsterdam september 2015.
A few fixes and improvements for version 13 get their first priority this time ;-)

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OldSmoke wrote on 2/4/2015, 1:49 PM
[I]A few fixes and improvements for version 13 get their first priority this time ;-) [/I]


Proud owner of Sony Vegas Pro 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 and now Magix VP15&16.

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Jumping Rascal wrote on 2/4/2015, 1:55 PM
There still are issues with V13, in particular with crashes and rendering compatibility with certain types of newer video cards (there are many threads on this). Hopefully SCS will fix V13 prior to jumping into a new release. A related issue is the new version of Windows, Windows 10. SCS must ensure that all its software works well with W10 prior to coming up with a new version of Vegas Pro as many of us may take advantage of Microsoft's free upgrade from W7/8 to W10. As a 'by the way' in terms of future product, I would like to see a full BCC version to be attached to the Vegas Suite next time to complement Hitfilm 3 and other included software.
Spectralis wrote on 2/4/2015, 2:53 PM
I expect VP14 to have lots of really useful features like Instagram apps and sundry other high falutin', cutting edge, social media technology popular with the kids. There's nothing the world needs more than another selfie or a video about home made cuisine, someone's adventure holiday or the latest hipster gadget they've bought. Let the meme's trend!
videoITguy wrote on 2/4/2015, 3:35 PM
Spectralis, I am sure you realize, and if you did not - there was a peak trend for cellphone video app, as well as selfie photo apps development that actually occurred nearly six years ago. NOTE that - SIX -6 - long years ago it had already matured into a market segment of its very own. Some of those independent apps are now in their 5th gen. of development.

If VegasPro comes to the table with this "new" in 2015 - it will be a howling laugh of too little too late.
Spectralis wrote on 2/4/2015, 4:08 PM
Very true, but when has that ever stopped marketing (Sony included) or the younger generation repackaging old for new? Remember 3D?
VidMus wrote on 2/4/2015, 5:19 PM
I care a whole lot more about what they release than when they release it!

Marc S wrote on 2/4/2015, 7:19 PM
Yeah last Vegas release was really disappointing. I really only bought it to help support the software and thought I might get some use out of the included plugins. I hate Adobe's new software model with a passion but I gotta admit they are making serious improvements to Premiere.
Peter100 wrote on 2/5/2015, 1:33 AM
In the meantime SCS published new Catalyst softwate. It manages varius colorspaces like sRGB or rec.709 in a clear way. I hope they will finally include this functionality in Vegas Pro.
ushere wrote on 2/5/2015, 6:02 PM
unless 14 offers some answers to the mess that gpu is i'll give it a miss.

i really don't need 'added value', whether it be 4k 3d, or whatever is the current gotta have is.

what i want is relatively simple - a program that functions as it's advertised to do.

yes, i'm very happy with 13, but not with it's shortcomings.
Tom Pauncz wrote on 2/5/2015, 6:14 PM
And I, for one, hope that they get around to fixing the closed captioning issues that they broke in VP13... I'd have thought that, by now, it would have been fixed in 13.
wjauch wrote on 2/5/2015, 6:42 PM
Is seems that Vegas 13 new builds are being released much slower than previous versions. Sony have known since at least October that Red Dragon R3D files can't be read, even though Vegas 13 is supposed to support them. Vegas support could give me no time frame for a fix. They are about 2 years behind in Red color science support. As recently as four years ago, Vegas was one of the first to support Red Epic files. Very dissapointing, is seems like Sony is slowly giving up on Vegas
deusx wrote on 2/5/2015, 10:06 PM
Vegas 14 on Valentine's day, February 14th 2016.

Shipped to you in a box of chocolates so you can't complain if it has bugs, because, you know... Forrest Gump
dimipapa wrote on 2/6/2015, 2:03 PM
Well 13 hasn't even been out a year yet. When Movie Studio Platinum 14 comes out expect pro 14 within 6 months.
Ryan Boni wrote on 3/9/2015, 9:12 PM
The last 4 versions of Pro have each come out between 13 and 18 months apart. So, you're looking at May 2015 at the earliest and October 2015 at the latest for Pro 14, if the previous timelines hold true (although it was 20 months between 8 & 9!)
ingvarai wrote on 3/10/2015, 12:04 AM
@Marc S
Yeah last Vegas release was really disappointing.

In previous versions, docking happened all the time. It was so counterproductive, and annoying, that I felt like a baker, watching the bread in the oven being done, and at the same time being reluctant to take it out, because of the danger of getting burned fingers.
Since docking appeared in Windows applications, almost 15 years ago I think, I have, in various forums, for various products, advocated the way Vegas 13 now works. you drag windows all day long, you occasionally dock. Finally – FINALLY – this works as it should in Vegas. I am very focused on the user experience, and being a programmer myself, have developed a hate for programs with bad user interfaces / bad practices. Having 20-30 multimedia applications alone, I am fed up with browsing for folders all the time, day out, day in.
Are you familiar with Smart Sound's Sonic Fire application? It recently came out with a Vegas plugin, which I immediately bought. Fantastic music, it can hardly have any competition. But the user interface.. horrible to say the least, hasn't been upgraded in several years. If you have a sound project and want to export eaxh track as separate files(one bass, one guitar, one drums etc.) you'll have to browse to the destination folder each and every time. What a waste of time!! I contacted them, but they're pretty arrogant, don't want to listen on that ear.
Then Mercalli Stabilizer. I purchased the latest version 4.0 recently. The technology is super duper, have compared it with several other way I have to stabilize, but mostly it wins. Now, to the user interface. Having fine tuned one footage clip, adjusted every slider to perfection, and exported the result, I want of course to use these settings for my next clip, recorded under the same conditions. But guess what?" There is no way to store your settings!!!!! I wrote them too, same result as with Sonic Fire, super arrogant and no understanding for what I say.
What I want in Vegas, Sonic Fire, After Effects, SynthEyes, Cinema 4D etc. etc. is not more nifty effects or advanced decoders – I want better user interfaces so that I can speed up me, because me, carrying out tedious tasks over and over and over, is what makes my deadlines hard to keep.
Removing autodock in Vegas, is a step in the right direction.
When all this is said – more customization is wanted also.
If you ever have used Cinema 4D, you have seen how it should be done. In all applications.

Frank Z wrote on 3/10/2015, 1:45 AM
I am in 100% full agreement that Sony should fix the existing rather than make a new version unless they want to give us that one for free. Tonight I have been crashing like I never have before in 13. This is my first project with a significant amount of effects but not much more than I did in Vegas 11 no problem. It's so bad I'm thinking of just going back to 11. If they can fix 13, I'd be very happy.
ingvarai wrote on 3/10/2015, 3:03 AM
Frank, I want to share my experiences with Vegas crashing. For Vegas 11 and 12, I had so many crashes it was the rule, not the exception. At the same time, my USB 3 external drives had problems loading, so it was with my USB keyboard and mous too, they did not respond until Windows had beel loaded and sitting there for a couple of minutes.

It turned out there was a faulty Motu 828 external USB breakout box for sound. It worked for 3 years, so I did not expect it was this box. Finally it broke down. So I replaced it with a new Motu 828x. All of a sudden, all problems vanished. Also Vegas did not crash anymore! I have no logical explanation for this. Maybe Vegas is more sensitive than other applications. Vegas hasn't crashed a single time now the last 10 weeks, after I replaced the Motu box.

Sound drivers and devices, I would check this.


edenilson wrote on 3/10/2015, 9:14 AM
will be launching vegas for mac, it had been more stable?