Vertical graphics and Vegas (or any NTSC output)

Arks wrote on 8/23/2004, 1:09 PM

I had a problem last week with a graphic I was making for a project and I think im coming to a conclusion; but I need more opinions of course. Vertical lines, specifically dark ones on white backgrounds are not a good idea for an NTSC output. I have been testing this with bars of specific colors and small lines from graphics made in vegas, and it seems to bend the lines/ bars at certain points on the graphic mixed with the video. Is this because of the way TV is as far as interlaced fields? I researched some TV shows and news broadcasts and it seems very few use distinct vertical lines in there on screen graphics... they are mostly horizontal (which makes sense since the fields are projected on a TV in this way). Is my conclusion correct? or is something still wrong with my Vegas and Photoshop?