VHS tape coverter to Vegas 4.0

fishbelt wrote on 6/30/2005, 10:22 PM
Hi Happy 4th to all. I am new to the forum and also to moive making. Only been on the computer for 5 years or so. Take it easy on this old man cause I was born in the first half of the last century lol. A fried on mine father took a lot silent films 8mm from 1939 to 1964. Some class room grade school pictures in the 50's. I have been after him for 10 years to get them on DVD's. Before the film gose to hell. Well I got stuck doing them. As I can afford it , have been placing them VHS tapes. They would not do DVD's. So I got a plexster converter and the sift ware is Intervideo WinDVD. I figured I was set until I saw Vegas software. All the neat bells and whistles and so much easier to use. I got Vegas 4.0 and had some fun. I can not use Plexter conerter and capture with Vegas? Am I doing some thing wrong? If I capture with Intervideo the image is really bad in Vegas. As some of the people most interested in these films have already departed, I am pushed to do this. 57 here and the dam clock will not stop lol. Neat stuff to but the film is poor, so need the best I can get. Got Ike and Truman on campian whistle stops. 1949 Santa coming into town on a army chopper lol. Well any help this beggar would express his thanks. Fisblelt (I know funny name Fishbeltmadison was a Jazz player )


B.Verlik wrote on 6/30/2005, 11:35 PM
I don't know about the "Plextor" converter. 1st we need to know how this transfer is made. VHS player to "Plextor" to PC? If that's so, what is the format of the video coming from the Plextor? Is it .AVI or is it .Mpg2. If it's mpg, that's a big problem for editing.
The proper way to get video from VHS to the PC is to play the video through an Audio/Video converter, which converts the signals to .AVI which is then fed to your PC with a firewire (1394) cable. There are many brands of converters, but they should convert to .avi if you want your editing to work easy. Note: some video cameras will allow you to make Analog to Digital transfers too. Like higher end Sonys. .Avi is the way to go for easiest editing.
If you just want to transfer without editing, then you could use a converter that will convert your VHS to mpg.
You should fill in your system specs in your account file, so we can help assess your problem. And please state what type of video is coming out of your converter, .avi or .mpg? (you may need to look at the manual for this)
tazio wrote on 7/1/2005, 12:13 AM
Interesting, we've been dealing with the same sort of stuff here. My boss has wanted to transfer his old super 8 films to DVD. We ended up purchasing a really neat little box - this is a link to a retailer in Australia with a description but I can't find any International links http://www.inventa.com.au/Product%20Release%20and%20Comment/FusionMPEG2.htm.

Basically you feed in a video signal via S-video, audio via RCAs and it captures as MPEG2 which you can burn straight to DVD. As Steve says though, this is only for straight transfers to DVD. If you want to edit then you'll need AVIs.

Is that any clearer old fella?

Phil (born in the first part of the second half of last century)
fishbelt wrote on 7/1/2005, 6:41 AM
Thanks Steve Mpg is the formatt of the coverter. Whats the possiblity of copying to a digital camera then useing fire wire to load to PC? The is only a usb port so am stuck there. I'll have to edit to geta lot the family stuff out of the. I had place my info. Better go back and check it.
fishbelt wrote on 7/1/2005, 6:52 AM
Yes Tazio I got it. The Vegas dose play the film in capture. And a couple of times it saved the clip with a error message. But I have not been able to repeat it? Straight transfers work fine. Any way it is fun, seen my dad walking around, first time in 40 years. Neat stuff. Thanks
johnmeyer wrote on 7/1/2005, 9:38 AM
I have transferred lots of 8mm and Super8 film. Here are some links that describe various techniques you can use:


Workprinter Workflow

My Original Workprinter Posts

B.Verlik wrote on 7/1/2005, 1:09 PM
It will have to be something like a Sony Digital 8 or any Digital camcorder that has either "Pass-Through" or will let you record onto the tape through the inputs of the camcorder from the outputs of a VCR. Once the signal is on the Digital tape, then you can transfer to the PC via Firewire. You may need a separate Firewire card, if you don't have the input on your computer. USB is not good for transfering .AVIs.
You will have to research to figure out the right models for "Pass-Through" but you can obtain a used Sony Digital 8 with this capability for about $300. on Ebay. Also, probably the most recommended Stand-alone box, A/D converter to .AVI is the Canopus. Normally the advc100 or advc300 being the most popular of their models. The Sony Dig 8s have Time Base Correction and Noise filters built in, so they're a good converter and camera at the same time. You plug VCR into Camera and run Firewire to PC. Set Camera in "VCR" mode and set up for "Pass-Through". Start VCR and capture right to your PC, using Vegas capture. Editing's a breeze after that.
fishbelt wrote on 7/3/2005, 7:35 AM
Thanks John I am checking things out. Great tips in here. Puts me in a lot work but I enjoy it.
fishbelt wrote on 7/3/2005, 7:42 AM
Ok Steve All you guys are a great help. The pass through I am looking into. I hope all of you have a great 4th. Keep our guys and gals over seas in mind on the holiday.