Video/audio Playback.

ACE5 wrote on 6/14/1999, 3:41 PM
Im a soundengineer from denmark working with
postproduction.I usually works with timeline or protools
systems. I have just downloaded the betaversion of Vegas
and I am very impressed, it looks very convincing and easy
to use.
My setup is 350 mhz AMD k6 CPU. 64Mbyte RAM. 40xspeed
cdrom. 2 IDE DMA hardddrives. Soundblaster LIVE or
Audiowerk 8 soundcard. AGP 4Mbyte videocard.
When i try to playback video and sound together I often get
glitches and clicks(can it have somthing to do with IRQ
Which soundcards and Harddrives do you recommend(SCSI or

Thank you

Christian Lund


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