Video Capture update

SonyEPM wrote on 4/2/2001, 4:41 PM

4/2/01- The Video Capture 2.0e update includes the
following fixes and enhancements:
DirectX 8 compatibility.
DV PAL capture/file playback support.
Improved DV deck and DV transcoder support.
Enhanced DV shuttling.
Improved DV widescreen support.
Still image capture.
Seek to timecode.
Improved DV decoder support for video preview.
Full-screen file playback support when using Preview on
Camera and Print to Tape.
Enhanced support for TV tuner cards using WDM drivers.
Closed captioning capture and file playback support.
Capture pre-roll support through the Capture start delay
setting on the Capture tab in the Preferences dialog.
The Audio Capture Format dialog allows you to specify the
format for audio captured from analog devices.
Support for previewing audio from analog devices.
Improved device and file closing when Video Capture is not
the active application.
Simplified binding to "hot plugged" devices.


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