Video format for Smart phones

Ken Brits wrote on 3/14/2013, 6:40 AM
Hi, Can anyone help. I have created a short video clip which I wan't to distribute to Smart Phones, i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung etc. What render template would be best to use in Vegas Pro 12. My original video file which I have created is 1920 x 1080 50i and is approx 42 seconds long. I have got the files size down to 4.5 Mb so far but if possible I would like it to be smaller, but without degrading the quality. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Ken


Steve Grisetti wrote on 3/14/2013, 8:32 AM
I'd recommend Main Concept AVC using one of the presets for an iPod.
Opampman wrote on 3/14/2013, 8:37 AM
The files from my video camera are pretty big. Mediainfo identifies them as MPEG-4 AVC (Level@4.0) 1920x1080 at 17Mbps. The quality is so good I use it sometime for cutaways and "b' roll inserts and drop them right on the timeline of Vegas Pro. If I want to render something for the phone I use the closest setting to this I can and they play great. Last time I did something to play on the phone I think I used the Sony MP4 render at 1920x1080 30p at 16Mbps but this gives large file sizes which you don't want. You may try this using a custom template and adjust the bit rate to see how the quality holds up and where the tradeoffs might be.


(Phone is Galaxy S3)
John_Cline wrote on 3/14/2013, 8:59 AM
The Galaxy S3 has a 1280x720 screen, no need to render at 1920x1080.
Steve Grisetti wrote on 3/14/2013, 9:01 AM
I agree. Trying to get the highest resolution and the highest possible bit rate just creates larger file sizes without giving you a better looking video.

Use an optimized file size, based on one of the Main Concept AVC presets, and you'll get the best looking file at an optimal file size.
musicvid10 wrote on 3/14/2013, 9:55 AM
Handbrake has presets that have been tested and work.
Their iPhone 4 preset works fine on all smart phones afaik.
Ken Brits wrote on 3/14/2013, 10:11 AM
Hi to all. Many thanks for the advice, I have been out and only just returned.
What I tried, which brought the file size down to just over 2 MB, was to render to Sony AVC/MVC Memory Stick PSP Full Screen 896 kps (Preset) and I dropped the audio to 32 kHz. The quality is perfectly acceptable, but the problem I have is that it does not seem to work on Blackberry. I have not tried a Samsung yet. I am goint to try the solutions offered by yourselves. Thanks again Ken
set wrote on 3/14/2013, 10:28 AM
That depends on the smart phones' capability itself, One phone can play 720p or 1080p while other can only play 480p.
As for standard compatibility, Agree with Apple iPod settings.

I'm using HTC Desire VC right now, and following settings is a modified Internet template of Mainconcept MP4 :

Resolution & Frame-rate: 800x480-25p (I'm in PAL Land, for NTSC: 29.97)
Bit rate : 6Mbps Maximum, 3Mbps average.
Audio : 44.1 kHz 192Kbps.