video intros on YouTube

Widetrack wrote on 7/3/2016, 1:39 PM
I'm watching a lot of youtubes and seeing that most of the "commercial" vids--the ones with ads that are obviously being monetized by the producers--have very high-end-looking intros. I look at some and estimate that the time it would take to do something similar in Vegas would be enormous. In many cases I can't even figure out how it COULD be done in Vegas.

Is there some standalone software designed for flashy, dynamic intros? Lots of moving graphics, titles etc.


musicvid10 wrote on 7/3/2016, 2:07 PM
Vegas, along with third party plugins or AE, is capable of anything you can dream up.

I can't imagine an indie or small post house farming out their intros, for reasons of conscience if not pride, but I suppose that anything is possible.
videoITguy wrote on 7/3/2016, 2:25 PM
It is simply mis-leading to suggest that the "flash" bang value of an intro has to be ascribed to some technical feature found somewhere - Note THAT most of the perceived quality released comes from artful use of image and sound - done by someone who has THE know how.

If you can master use of VegasPro alongside the many available plug-ins, then you will be on your way to creating the same. There are in-fact intro template packages from the likes of Digital Juice - but... but you need to master them in order to accomplish the desired results.
Former user wrote on 7/3/2016, 2:32 PM
Vegas can do most of it, but a program like After Effects is better suited for it. But of course comes with a price and a learning curve.
ushere wrote on 7/3/2016, 7:17 PM
or simply buy them ready made - digital juice, or
DGates wrote on 7/3/2016, 10:52 PM
Most are using After Effects templates from sites like Videohive. You basically type in the text you want, and then the template handles it all in AE. Vegas is better for far less complicated projects.
John222 wrote on 7/4/2016, 6:37 AM
For free you can use Blackmagic Fusion or Hitfilm Express.
Steve_Rhoden wrote on 7/4/2016, 6:59 AM
All of that can be done in Vegas alone with third party plugins. I crank out
what you are describing on a weekly basis for broadcast and television and without
using After Effects or any other motion graphics tool, BUT you have to be creative,
and be absolutely sure what you are doing and know Vegas really really well.
Also a good thing now is that most of the plugins available for After Effects are now
available for Vegas, making Vegas almost limitless and a lot cheaper than buying AE.
I choose this route because i get my jobs done far more efficiently....
VMP wrote on 7/4/2016, 7:57 AM
+1 Steve Rhoden

I made these with Vegas and Cinema 4D, no AE was used (people do think that these things can only be made with AE though).

This one is from 2009 composited only using Vegas:

Guy S. wrote on 7/6/2016, 1:29 PM
It depends on what "Very high-end" means to you. High end can be simple, elegant graphics and typography, complex motion and transformation, or d) All the above.

You can create a graphic with a photo/graphics program, save the individual pieces in separate files, and animate/transition them onscreen with Vegas.

If you want complex motion and transformation then you're probably looking at a specialized motion graphics program like AfterEffects. AE has a high cost (Creative Cloud subscription is required) and a steep learning curve so I don't recommend it unless you will be using it often. There are a ton of AE templates available, but customizing them can be worse than opening Pandora's box.

I suggest giving biteable a shot: "Make your own animated YouTube Channel Trailers online in minutes with the free video maker at" You can experiment for free and pay $99 to download a high quality render if/when you create something you like.

Bottom line, if a high-end motion graphics intro/ending will help you make money off your videos I would keep it simple and use a graphics program/Vegas, an online source like biteable, or I would pay to have someone do it. The opportunity cost of DIY in a motion graphics program will be far greater than the other options.