Video jump timeline text point link, like youtube?

Varaosa wrote on 9/3/2021, 5:37 AM


I got somekind of video request to create video that need somekind of video jump points or link system, that allow to jump video scene in the middle of a movie or video to another point of video. My guest ask me to create video that have similar system that Youtube have, that allow to create links or jump system, that allow to jump into another scene or video by pressing text link but, issue is little bit technical, as i am not going to use a youtube player but, the video should be playable on any local player and here should have a similar function.

It’s not about the scene links in the movies that some dvd movies have that you can press and jump to a specific point in the movie but, a system that makes it possible to jump in the middle of the movie to exactly the desired point.

Do Sony Vegas support or have any feature that allow to create text link or video link to another video point or position on same video, video that can play or use in anykind of offline player? Is there any technical solution that would allow such what would be possible to play without a web browser?

I have some ideas to try implement but, I want to ask the community first if you happen to have a better idea or way to implement it. I still or want to use old Sony Vegas Pro 9 but, i have 12 version, if Sony Vegas version it doesn't matter if you can have that, the old one doesn't have the tool but, the newer one may have.


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