nickle wrote on 2/21/2005, 10:43 AM
Set Fraps to capture at 720x480 at 30fps and you will have a Dvd quality Avi file.

You can render that as an mpeg2 in Vegas to reduce the size further.
master_c3 wrote on 2/21/2005, 10:50 AM
Yeah but how??? I'm a newbie... Can you exactly tell me how? Please? I just want to minimize the size of the file. How?
nickle wrote on 2/21/2005, 11:11 AM
In Vegas, find the clip in the explorer, drag it to the timeline, click File/render as and pick whatever you like in the drop down mpeg1 mpeg2 wmv mov.
BillyBoy wrote on 2/21/2005, 12:36 PM
Several things that determine file size including:

1. frame size
2. file format
3. bitrate

The first is the relative size of the finished project. For example if you're making a DVD for consumption in the U. S. that would normally be a 720x 480 frame size at 29.970 frame rate. A file at 24 frames a second takes less room that one generated at 30 frames a second.

Your DVD player all on its own will scale it to fit the TV you're viewing it on, even changing it to wide screen. File format really involves how the file is going to be used. MPEG files can have lots of compression meaning the size of the file isn't too big but the quality can suffer. So too with bitrate. If you think at sometime you're going to burn the file to either a CD (MPEG-1) or a DVD (MPEG-2) that's a good choice. If you're only going to view off your computer then WMV or RM are good choices. While rm (real media gets a lot of knocks here and elsewhere because of their past spyware which they originally denyed doing none the less they have a excellent file size to quality ratio at the higher bitrates.

What you may be asking is how to get the file into Vegas, that requires some interface such as a video card capable of outputting the file or using a A/D converter which connects between the device you captured from like a video deck and your computer or capturing from a camera then connecting to you computer via a firewire connection and then using the Vegas "capture" feature to bring into Vegas so you can edit it or just change it to a different file format.