Video Overlay track

Doc K wrote on 2/6/2010, 1:13 AM
Being a newbie, there is something I am not real clear about in VMSPE, and I haven't yet seen the appropriate section in the users guide / tutorials.

The default track order in a new project is

Video Overlay
Sound Effects

Now it seems that each of these tracks has a specific 'role', such as

TRACK 1. TEXT: for text type 'effects', (titles, banners, labels, textual descriptions etc.) added to the project by way of "Media Generators".(However, 'Media Generators' can really be added to any 'video' type track that might be manually added. (right?))

TRACK 2. VIDEO OVERLAY: Now if I'm not mistaken, this track is where you put video 'events' that you want to appear in the background behind the primary video event (which customarily goes on track #3, the video track) (right?)(But again, an overlay can go on any 'video' type track that might be added afterwards. (right?))

TRACK 3. VIDEO: Primary video clip of the project.

TRACK 4. VOICE Attached audio from track 3 (if it has it), such as in an avi file. This is automatically grouped with track 3, as they are related.

TRACK 5. MUSIC Additional audio, such as mp3, aif or wav files.

TRACK 6. SOUND EFFECTS not sure-reverb, echo, distortion, etc? (right?).

Maybe I haven't read the appropriate section in the users guide yet, where the 'standard role' of each of these track types is specified, but is my basic understanding correct?


Chienworks wrote on 2/6/2010, 1:38 AM
Actually the names on the tracks are merely suggestions for folks who are just starting out. In actual fact all the video tracks are identical and behave the same, and all the audio tracks are identical and behave the same. You can place your media on any of the tracks regardless of what the track is called.

The only thing special about the order of the video tracks is that they are used visually from the top down. Whatever is on a higher track will hide what's behind it on a lower track. This is why you put text on a higher track than the video, so that you can see the video behind the transparent background around lettering. If you put the text on a lower track then the video would hide it completely.

In the Pro version of Vegas the tracks are merely numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, ... etc.
OhMyGosh wrote on 2/6/2010, 6:57 AM
Adding to what Kelly said, you can double click the tracks name, right click it, or F2 and rename it whatever you like. You can also right click and add new tracks (up to 4 video and 4 audio), and you can click and drag the tracks to change their order as well. Cin
richard-amirault wrote on 2/6/2010, 12:02 PM
You can also right click and add new tracks (up to 4 video and 4 audio),

To clarify ... that's up to 4 total video and 4 total audio tracks (that sentance coud be construed to mean you can add up to 4 tracks to the existing tracks)