Video Stabilization Indicator + Rescale Video Event FX window

Amivideotek wrote on 2/4/2023, 1:53 AM

I have two questions for the creators of Vegas Pro.
First, it is possible to place an indicator at a video event in the timeline to see that the video stabilization effect is still active. Often when moving or extending/shortening a Video Event, the stabilizer becomes inactive without being able to see it immediately! That is sometimes difficult, especially if we only see this when a rendering of the film is done.
Secondly, when different effects are used in a video (step 1) and when these effects are animated. Wouldn't it be possible when enlarging Video Event FX window (step 2), to automatically increase the timeline effects (step 3)? 
Also, when an action is undone (CTRL-Z), steps 2 and 3 must be repeated each time because the Video Event FX window returns to its starting setting!


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