Video Supersampling. Does anyone use it?

karma17 wrote on 3/25/2019, 9:18 PM

I was just curious if anyone ever uses video supersampling. It seems to be one of the deeper effects in Vegas and only useful if you are applying motion blur. I saw a video today on Motion Blur Ramping and it started me looking into Vegas' capability in this regard. The use of motion blur with speed ramping makes a lot of sense and then with doing that, supersampling would seem to make sense as well. So it would seem to be the case that if you use speeding ramping, then you would probably want to use the other two effects as well. Just wondering what others do.


Marco. wrote on 3/26/2019, 3:51 AM

Vegas Pro Motion Blur and Supersampling (only) affects internally animated media (like moving text) and unfortunately Motion Blur isn't a real blur but kind of another type of multi-sampling. I think while Motion Blur also affects resampling, Supersampling doesn't. Not sure, though. Thus the use is limited. I use it once a year.

Dimitrios wrote on 3/26/2019, 9:52 AM

I use it about as much as Marco does. It can produce a good effect if you get the settings right but I feel that it does effect video as well and I would just want it for things like swishing text in and out or custom transitions. Sometimes I'll use it if the background is static or if I want to create like a motion trails appearance. Even then though it seems to cause vegas to crash a lot and takes forever to render those segments so if I want to create stuff like that I usually opt to faking it with a lot of key frames and gaussian blur.

fan-boy wrote on 3/26/2019, 12:18 PM


that Super Sampling was documented a long time ago . It was only meant to be turned on when a gradient Blur transition\stuff , is being used . as the render time increases dramatically . Haven't look at it recently , but it does improve those situation , to remove\reduce color banding\gradient banding .

in Vegas Help , Search : supersampling , then click : "Video bus track" to read about what supersampling , and how to use the envelope curve , inside of the "video bus" track .

That entire search result explains it all . If an image CG is panned\moved , the key frame motion interpolation to move the image can cause that "quantized motion" . To get smoothing looking motion , they say to use Motion Blur which adds additional interpolation of the movement . Blur only activates when the CG is moving . However , this motion blur can introduce fine details of color banding\gradient banding , thus Turn on Supersampling , for high quality end result of "Track Motion" .

Track Motion\pan crop + Motion blur + supersampling = highest quality smooth looking motion , in Vegas .

the Supersampling Envelope curve has a range of 1x to 8x ( 1 is effectively "OFF" ) . when making full screens that pan around , Motion blur will make the motion smoother looking. If banding artifacts becomes apparent , then crank supersampling to 8x and wait a couple of days for the render to complete .

can Motion blur + supersampling improve the look of "Slow Motion" ? as an enhanced form of Resampling ?

tim-neighbors wrote on 11/23/2022, 4:16 PM

For anyone looking for how to do this, after selecting the timeline, click ctrl+shift+B to add a Video bus track. Right click on the video bus track, hover over "insert/remove envelope" and select "Video Supersampling". That'll give you an envelope that you can keyframe and adjust. I recommend automating it to only turn on during the animation/credit roll/etc that you want to smooth.