VideoFactory woes

AlChuck wrote on 2/10/2001, 12:12 PM
I seem to be having a lot of trouble with a video project.
It's roughly 25 minutes of video so far based on about 5
separate AVI files captured from my camcorder. Lots of
transitions in and out of scenes, lots of envelope changes
on the audio track, an additional music track, and text
overlays for titles.

First I began to have some troubles with opening the file;
getting messages like "An error occurred while loading the
project projname.vf. The system is low on memory..." Seemed
odd, as I have 256 MB of RAM and nothing else was running.
When I rebooted to a hardware profile I've set up for doing
digital audio work, and shut down everything non-essential
in the systray (MacAffe AV, etc.), I was able to open it
and continue to work.

But then I reached a point where I could no longer insert a
text overlay -- the message was something like "invalid
action." It seemed to be repeatable and seemed to be tied
to a particular part of the video -- I was able to insert
one earlier and one after. When I tried to cut one from one
place and move it to where I wanted, the application crahed
with an invalid page fault in KERNEL32.DLL. After my second
crash with this message, the file will no longer open -- I
get that same old "system is low on memory" message, and
nothing I do is making it go away.

I am also unable to open any audio events in Sound Forge or
any other audio editor. Whan I try to do so, it attempts to
pipe the entire AVI file to the audio editor, not just the
selected audio event.

Has anyone experience similar problems?


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