Viscosity Animation Question

Rockaway17 wrote on 3/27/2001, 5:35 AM
Is there any way to draw a circle and set a transparency
setting inside of it, so that you can add an effect so that
the filled in circle seems to be rippling on itself. I want
to do this so I can import it into Vegas Video, use the
Chroma Keyer to take away the black background, and add a
series of these rippled circles to create a Matrix-like
effect. All I want to be able to do is bend and flex the
background of my raw footage ONLY inside the circle itself.
Is this possible?
I asked a similar question a few days ago but I couldn't
get much help.


SonyEPM wrote on 3/27/2001, 8:33 AM
Here's how you can get the effect in Vegas:

1) Load up your video scene

2) Duplicate that track (this will be the base track-
unaffected video)

3) Create a new track at top. Add a black and white circle,
(bitmap image). You need to create this in an image editing
program like Viscosity.

4) Make the top track (circle) a parent of the video
beneath it. This makes the circle cut the hole, and the
video in the child track beneath it fills the hole

5) Add the wave filter to the video event filling the hole
(child track, should be track #2). Add some keyframes to
make the wave animate. You should now be seeing a rippling
version of the video superimposed over the unaffected video
(in track three at bottom)

6) If needed, you can add some blur to the circle event to
soften the edge

Rockaway17 wrote on 3/27/2001, 12:57 PM
I tried doing exactly what you wrote but it didn't come out
the way I wanted at all. I didn't know how to use the
parent/child feature so I read up on that to be sure. I did
it the way you told me to but instead of getting a rippled
effect inside the circle, the video looks exactly the same,
and the only difference was that in the white outline of
the circle, you could see the video moving behind it. Just
in that little outline, you can see the video behind it,
and inside the circle it was normal. What I want is the
opposite. I want the outline to stay static, and the inside
to ripple.