VMS 11 - No GPU available

Remyx wrote on 6/4/2013, 5:52 PM

I just installed a new Nvidia GTX660Ti card in my system. When trying to render AVCHD/MVC in Studio 11, the Check GPU button under Customize Template \ custom settings return "No GPU available"
My previous ATI GPU was recognized and showed OpenCL.

Other utilities on my PC confirm the working status of the GPU and Cuda.

Is there an other setting in Studio 11 to enable GPU rendering?

I cam across this post which points to an issue with the more recent Cuda architecture. Has Sony confirmed the this? Someone else? Should I expect an update from Sony?


For those interested, here are some tech details:
OS: Win7 x64 SP1
GPU: GTX 660Ti
Nvidia drivers: 320.18
Sony VMS HD Platinum 11 buid 322
Thank you,


Remyx wrote on 6/4/2013, 6:00 PM
By the way, same version of Vegas on the same machine with earlier Nvidia cards (9800GT and 470) did offer GPU rendering using Cuda. This would add to the story that a more recent implementation of Cuda caused the issue.

Markk655 wrote on 6/4/2013, 7:34 PM
As you saw in that thread, the user solved this by updating their drivers. I see you have the most current ones installed though.

I have a 650Ti card working with CUDAs with Movie Studio/Win8/64.

Try 1a. Uninstalling Movie Studio
or 1b: a clean uninstall of Movie Studio/reinstall
or 2: a clean install of the NVIdia driver

I don't think that there is another setting - other than to make sure your card is listed in Options>Preferences>Video (or is that only in Movie Studio 12?)

Which order did you install everything? Was it Movie Studio 11 then the new GPU and then the new driver? If so, try 1a and then 1b.
Remyx wrote on 6/4/2013, 9:05 PM
Thank you Markk, good info about your success with the 650ti. Is it with Studio 11 or 12?

This is a fresh install of Studio 11 on my machine. However I had two GPU cards during the install, an ATI/AMD 5850 and the Nvidia 660ti. I removed the ATI card, now I'll try o reinstall VMS 11.
Markk655 wrote on 6/4/2013, 9:19 PM
Movie Studio 12. Good luck!
Remyx wrote on 6/4/2013, 9:34 PM
Ok, thanks. It seems that ver 11 and 12 deal with Cuda differently.