VMS 16 - On New Project - How to disable the PiP Track?

NOVAdash wrote on 3/19/2023, 6:43 PM

Every time I start a new project, there is a Picture in Picture track that I will probably never use.  I will often forget to delete it (and then insert a new default Video Track) and add media to it only to realize halfway through a project that I forgot to delete it. How do I configure this thing so that it doesn't place an empty track configured for picture in picture with each new project?  It really seems there should be a simple, easy fix for this but I am not smart enough to find it!


EricLNZ wrote on 3/19/2023, 7:25 PM

This has been discussed before and the short answer is there isn't a "fix". It's presumably like that to help users but in fact causes confusion.

What some users do, including myself, is create a blank project containing tracks, windows etc as we want them. Save it, and open it when you start a new project. But immediately save the project under a new name so your blank project is unaltered and available for next time. I keep a backup in another folder in case I stuff up.

As for the pesky "PIP track" you don't need to delete it. Go to the track details on the left, open the track video FX and either mute or delete the PIP FX.

NOVAdash wrote on 3/19/2023, 8:21 PM

Ahh... Well, even knowing that there isn't a way for it to do what I want, that does help my sanity to a small degree. At least now I can stop looking for a way. Thanks.

FayFen wrote on 3/20/2023, 1:42 AM

@NOVAdash, you should consider getting VP18 for $25 and unlock many of VMS16 features.


NOVAdash wrote on 3/20/2023, 6:32 AM

@FayFen Also, saw an ad that just popped up in Movie Studio 16 for $49 for VPE 19. It is likely I will partake in one of the two before the time for either is up. The way I use the software, it's just a hobby so it's good to have cheap options.

FayFen wrote on 3/20/2023, 10:11 AM

@NOVAdash , If so you should go for VP19 at $49.

I don't know how is your system and what videos you do, but I believe VP19 could serve you for many years.

NOVAdash wrote on 3/20/2023, 6:37 PM

@FayFen Bit the bullet on 19. I looked at the comparisons between it and 18 and saw that 19 had those sexy color wheels that look great in all the marketing photos. My PC is primarily built for high end gaming so I'm not worried about performance.