VP 13 build 453 - a return to the good old days?

entilza72 wrote on 6/23/2015, 8:00 PM
Hi gang,

I posted elsewhere about my positive experiences with a Sony FDR AX100 in VP 13 build 453 - it's been extremely stable with no crashes, and no nested projects.

I was wondering what the collective mind thought - what's your experience with 13 build 453? Is it more stable than previous versions for everyone else? Or am I just getting the benefits of using a Sony camera?



ZachAtk1 wrote on 6/23/2015, 10:51 PM
I made a post not too long ago about this. I am super happy with the new build.

GoPro video playback is flawless, Vegas is back.
David Johns wrote on 7/1/2015, 4:52 AM
Hmmm.... I like it and I use it but I still get crashes (and that's with GPU acceleration off!)

A lot of the times it will crash on exit which is weird but I think has happened for a long time. I send the crash reports, but no idea if anyone ever looks at them.

malowz wrote on 7/1/2015, 5:42 AM
i got a few crashes on exit when using videos with different formats, like WMV, mov, mp4, etc...

if using avi with canopus HQ as i usually use, no crashes.

sometimes a 3rd party plugin freezes vegas (when using the plugin), but is rare. and of course, not vegas fault.

if they fix the disappearing script icons, i would say bug-free (at least for my use) ;)
wwaag wrote on 7/1/2015, 10:53 AM
if they fix the disappearing script icons, i would say bug-free (at least for my use) ;)

In case you missed it, there is an excellent script by Altarvic that you can restore the tray icons with a single click. It's toward the end of the thread.



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