Ralf wrote on 8/6/2019, 7:44 PM

Thanks! Just what I needed! 💯

Former user wrote on 8/6/2019, 10:10 PM

Scrapyard Films also has a good colour grading video and other videos on Vegas Pro 17

Kinvermark wrote on 8/6/2019, 11:16 PM

Good start, here are a few refinements:

1) CTRL key modifies behaviour to allow FINE adjustments. Thus, the wheels work great!

2) You can (should) enter colour numbers in the channels tab; no need to do this in the wheels tab. Use the parade while working this way to better see what you are doing.

3) White balance by adjusting a cropped white/neutral area of the image using curves is waayyyyyy to finicky and slow. Just use the offset wheel with your vectorscope to move the "dot" to the centre. Also, it's faster to use a crop FX on the main viewer (although you can't zoom in this way) to isolate the white/neutral.

4) IMHO, VLOG-L footage should have an input LUT to get you to rec709 before you start grading.


I think the new colour panel is absolutely fantastic! What a great addition to Vegas.


karma17 wrote on 8/6/2019, 11:28 PM

I'm very excited about this Unified Color Grading system. I think it is interesting that the plug-in chain acts essentially as nodes do in Resolve, and so the order in which things are positioned does seem to affect things. In Resolve, when you are doing grading and you are happy with the way the input LUT transforms your footage, you would apply additional corrections then prior to the LUT, so what I take this to mean for Vegas is that you don't necessarily want to apply the LUT through the Unified Grading system, but separately through the regular LUT plug-in, then apply the Unified Grading system in front of the LUT in the plug-in chain. When I was experimenting with this last night, applying the grading system before the LUT made a huge improvement in the results I was getting.

I found this tutorial very helpful.


Kinvermark wrote on 8/6/2019, 11:35 PM

+1. I like to think of the colour panel as the "basic" grade/colour correction. It's fast and accurate. The creative look can be achieved with all sorts of Vegas FX, and can be applied at track or project level to give a unified look.

set wrote on 8/7/2019, 9:07 AM

Thanks for this new post... Vegas Pro 17 is a huge jump from Vegas Pro 16. If anyone found more recommended tutorials on the net, don't hesitate to post it here. 🙂👍

I have added link of this topic on my list of tutorials.