VP12 and nVidia GTX 6xxx - When or Never ???

Christian de Godzinsky wrote on 11/28/2012, 10:15 AM

Sorry to bring this subject once again to the table since there is already a myriad of threads discussing what GPU for Vegas. I just want a clear answer from SCS and not just lot of forum user speculations.

Some facts:

° VP12 (as a 64 bit application) is a professional one supposedly using or continuously updated using the best technology, both software- and hardware-vise
° VP12 is GPU enabled (already in the 2nd or 3rd major release generation, depending how you count)
° VP12 is advertised to be compatible with "GeForce GTX 4xx Series or higher" - direct quote from sales info

Some other texts on the SCS pages says: ". This is understandable since nVidia would rather sell high end Quadro GPUS as in this link:


As a matter of fact some of these high end GPU's wont even work fully with VP12. The Quadro 4000 series will but are also very expensive.

The latest technology and best GPU bang-per-buck AND watt comes with the new GTX 6xx series boards. Nvidia has aimed these boards towards gamers, but they bring lots of raw computing power into your box, but need obviously updated drivers (or new Vegas under-the-hood interface?) due to new architectures.

Now to the question:

I am at the brink of renewing my editing rig. If SCS will support these cards in a foreseeable future I buy and 6xxx. Come on, these have been available already for what - more than 6 months! I would rather buy a 6xx series GPU that will someday work with Vegas, rather than now buy a 5xx series GPU that works now and soon learn that also 6xx series are supported.

Please SCS (Peter?): When - if ever - will we see nVidia GTX6xxx support in Vegas Pro 12 ? If this is an issue at nVidia, probably someone at SCS has info about an estimated release? And if GTX6xx will never be supported by Vegas Pro 12, please tell that to us also!

Answering this question would be prudent, make MANY people happy and stop all unnecessary speculations. Neither would it hurt VP12 nor GPU sales... And I know what to put in the basket going shopping for new hardware... :)

Best regards,


WIN10 Pro 64-bit | Version 1903 | OS build 18362.535 | Studio 16.1.2 | Vegas Pro 17 b387
CPU i9-7940C 14-core @4.4GHz | 64GB DDR4@XMP3600 | ASUS X299M1
GPU 2 x GTX1080Ti (2x11G GBDDR) | 442.19 nVidia driver | Intensity Pro 4K (BlackMagic)
4x Spyder calibrated monitors (1x4K, 1xUHD, 2xHD)
SSD 500GB system | 2x1TB HD | Internal 4x1TB HD's @RAID10 | Raid1 HDD array via 1Gb ethernet
Steinberg UR2 USB audio Interface (24bit/192kHz)
ShuttlePro2 controller


videoITguy wrote on 11/28/2012, 10:23 AM
You should ask the head man at SCS?
Former user wrote on 11/28/2012, 12:56 PM
I'm running a GTX670 (on my home system) and it seems fine...I get good render times (though preview isn't playing back with any real noticeable wow factor).
videoITguy wrote on 11/28/2012, 2:32 PM
Subject: Real world test of Nvidia GTX 670
Reply by: warriorking Date: 11/26/2012 9:44:56 AM
I will run several tests after work this week and give you my findings with GPU rendering turned on and off...
My system specs are as follows:

MB- MSI Z77 G41
Proc- Intel i7Core 3.4 2600K
Ram- 16Gig Corsair DDR3
Video- EVGA GTX 670 2Gig 306.97 Drivers
HDs-1-SSD 120Gig, 3-1TB
2-LG Blu-ray Burners
Soundcard- Auzentech Prelude 7.1
850Watt PS
2-24" LCD screens
Windows 8 Pro 64Bit
Vegas 12Pro Latest Build 394
AVCHD Footage from Sony NX5U, Sony AX2000, Canon HG21, Canon HG10

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Test Date Collected: 11/27/2012 4:30:29 PM
MB- MSI Z77 G41
Proc- Intel i7Core 3.4 2600K
Ram- 16Gig Corsair DDR3
Video- EVGA GTX 670 2Gig 306.97 Drivers
HDs-1-SSD 120Gig, 3-1TB
2-LG Blu-ray Burners
Soundcard- Auzentech Prelude 7.1
850Watt PS
2-24" LCD screens
Windows 8 Pro 64Bit
Vegas 12Pro Latest Build 394

Footage- AVCHD Sony NX5U
Render template- AVC Blu-ray 1920x1080 16Mbps
Project setting-Best
New Blue Color Fixer Pro
Sony Color Corrector
Render Times:
No color correction:

Multicam Project- 4 AVCHD Cams, NX5U, AX2000, Canon HG21, Canon HG10
Concert Footage Length 1:31:27
RenderTemplate AVC Blu-ray 1920x1080 60i 16Mbps
Project setting: Best
Color Fixer New Blue
Pan Crop
Pro Titler Pro
Render times:
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videoITguy wrote on 11/30/2012, 10:45 AM
Warriorking's post of test results confirms that VegasPro12 build 394 is ready for Nvidia GTX6xxx series.......
TheLaw wrote on 12/4/2012, 11:12 AM
Ready - yes. Working more efficiently than a decent CPU - no. I decided to buy the GTX 560 ti 448 - which is almost a 570 with overclocking and sometimes even more than a 570. Just saw that it's priced at $170 - you can't beat that price and at least I know the Fermi architecture should work.

I think it may take some time to see what you get with Kepler. The new chips also have a special video encoder that is supposedly lightning quick but with results that are below QuickSync and CUDA in terms of quality. By that time hopefully the Kepler architecture will be mature. I'm thinking that if you're looking to do video editing now it is best to stay with 5xx cards if not pro level and take advantage of the great deals.
Dach wrote on 12/6/2012, 2:45 PM
I agree that the 6xxx series IS NOT working more efficiently than a good CPU. Just today I installed and evaluated a 650ti and a 550ti. Here are my results using the Sony provided test project.

AMD Phenom II 3.0 Ghz, 16 GB with Geforce 550ti versus 650ti
CPU only... 11:37 vs 13:03
Cuda only... 04:16 vs 13:02

AMD Phenom II 3.2 Ghz, 8 GB with Geforce 550ti versus 650ti
CPU only... 12:09 vs 11:07
Cuda only... 05:08 vs 11:24

An AMD Athalonx2, 3 GB, with Vegas 10 timed in at 18:55 for the exact same project.

While I do like the smaller form factor and the fact that the 6xx series draws less power. I do not see any significant performance increase, my results show that the 6xxx series does nothing. My motivation for doing this was because of an old 2xx card not working with my KVM (still a mystery). I had already owned the 550ti for my gaming system and thought to give new cards chance.

Just my experience, since I was able to swap the two cards out and utilize the 650 for gaming purpose my investment was not a loss. Still use caution when making any decisions.