VP17 Constant crashing

Reyfox wrote on 6/1/2020, 1:22 PM

I have updated to the latest build.

Computer specs:

Win10 Pro latest update, AMD 3900X, RX480 8GB, 32GB DDR4 3200, 1TB SSD C and assorted other SSD's, NVME and mechanicals.

This is a pet project of mine. So far, it's only 2 minutes in length. Titles, sound fx, compositing, titles, color correcting, Smartsound music.

I'll take a break and leave the project open. I'll play it back a few times to marvel at my lunacy in making this video, make some more minor adjustments to overlays, and more color correcting. It seems the longer I leave the software open and the more I play back the project, the more RAM usage increases. When I stop playback, I am getting close to 7GB of RAM usage while VP sits idle. I exit the software and restart the software and project. After it's loaded, RAM is at a little over 4.9GB.

Then I get the "white screen of death". So far, 4 times today, requiring TaskManager to end it's life.

In the image, VP was still using the CPU but doing nothing.