VSt plugins aren't all there

random_id wrote on 10/22/2006, 5:36 PM
Does anyone have a problem where all of the audio VST plugins are not showing up?
I have Acid 6 and Vegas 7. In Acid, the plugins are all there. In Vegas, only about half show up. I have it set to the correct directories and hit the refresh button, but I get no improvement.

I'll try a reinstall, but I wanted to ask you all first.



LAMike wrote on 10/23/2006, 4:21 PM
I'm having problems too. I upgraded to 7 from 5 and installed 7.0b build 151
I get an error message now and audio plug-ins are labeled "unregistered". At least the few that are there.
I purchased from Sony and registered with Sony.
The error message is:
I uninstalled Vegas 5 and 7-uninstalled DVD arch. 2 and 4 then reinstalled
7 with update to 7.0b and DVD 4.0b- Same problem and same error message.
No other programs running during install.
I posted this in the video forum too.