VV "Edit Details" window soooo helpful...but how about "resample" column?

tedbuchanan wrote on 1/23/2001, 1:30 PM
Edit Details Window is an underrated but very powerful feature ....especially when I have lots of very
small events. I can select from there, sort any which way, turn on and off switches, only look at
markers, or look at all events, use it as index to quickly get to right marker, etc. etc.

But I was wondering if there is any way to see in which events I have turned on "resample" switch. (I
go out to videotape so I need to smooth flicker in slow motion stuff.) I experiment with changing
motions alot, and when I'm ready to render I like to make sure I've got the resample switch on only in
the events that need it. So I go thru right clicking each event and looking at properties. Any other way
to see if resample is on an event. THANKS>


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