Jason_Abbott wrote on 12/16/2001, 1:17 PM
I did the download but also opted to get the VV3 content CD mailed to me. That arrived a few days ago, so maybe the application CDs have also gone out.
David_DSS wrote on 12/16/2001, 4:26 PM
What is the VV3 Content CD? I ordered VV3 full version online after trying the trial version. But I didn't see anything about a "Content CD." Did I miss out on something?
jyarb wrote on 12/16/2001, 7:29 PM
The content cd comes with the boxed version.
bjtap wrote on 12/16/2001, 8:54 PM
For what it is worth my card was charged for VV3 on last Friday. Also, I was told when I called Sonic Foundry that the shipping would start Monday or Tuesday.
Jason_Abbott wrote on 12/16/2001, 8:57 PM
It has sound effects, music and stock video footage--about 640MBs of stuff.