Wave hammer

mjdj1689 wrote on 4/24/2005, 9:02 AM


Here is a unusual one I have just got soundforge 8. And im using wave hammer. What im after is a compression where I have some old tracks where they start of quiet at the start of the tune so I want to bring them up to the level of the rest of the tune.

My other problem is that when using the compressor that the vocals seem to disapear into the song and it gives me a wider stereo image and the vocals seem to go quiter and the music becomes louder. but when I bypass the compressor the vocals seem to come up again. is there somthing I can do about this or use another setting in soundforge????


Geoff_Wood wrote on 4/25/2005, 3:46 PM
Depending on the mix levels different parts will have aletred balances when recompressed. It will, of course, be slighty different with different compression/loudness plugins just as with hardware.

The way to minimise the altering of overall balance of separate music components is to get it as near to final dynamics as possible in the mixing stage, and not expecting wavehammer, L2, etc to be able to guess your desired outcome and separate out the different parts.