Waves 3.5

MacMoney wrote on 6/12/2002, 8:26 AM
Wave will be releasing the new v3.5 for DX,DAE and VST
The new 3.5 plugins are optimized for AMD, P3 and P4
I went from 7 to 15 C-4s, and 4 to 12 Rverbs
But the big news is Waves now support DX automation of EVERY parameter
on each plugin. Waves also added PAZ for PC users. Now I know all of you
Waves users are thinking HOW MUCH to upgrade????????????????????????????

Stay Tuned


Rednroll wrote on 6/12/2002, 6:11 PM
Actually, what I was really thinking was "Did they get rid of the 'PACE INTERLOCK' copy protection?" Then what I was thinking next was, if they did then "How much" and if they didn't then "where can I find a cracked version?" :-)

Goto WWW.PROREC.COM and read what I'm talking about.
MacMoney wrote on 6/12/2002, 6:31 PM
Yes I read that when it came out.
Sorry to say that PACE is still alive.
The upgrade is free to 3.0 owners.
I've never had a problem yet with PACE (now my systems WILL DIE)
They run very smooth is Acid 3.0, Sound Forge 6 and Vegas 3.0. I Pray that SF add DX automation to their products. I've been messing with the Waves automation in Sonar.
As far as cracks go. "No sir I don't like em" its because of cracks why they use stuff like pace.


PipelineAudio wrote on 6/12/2002, 7:32 PM
no doubt, its past time for parameter automation, buss automation, and pre fader buss inserts

how about " buss tracks"?
SHTUNOT wrote on 6/12/2002, 7:37 PM
I'll hold out my coin untill the universal audio card comes out with DX drivers. They're in development as we speak so I hope that it won't drag past november. Later.
PipelineAudio wrote on 6/12/2002, 8:15 PM
thats a BIG dream! Dying for the UA card
Rednroll wrote on 6/12/2002, 9:53 PM
George, Did you read that artical carefully? If you did then you would have gotten all the irony of it. Waves spent alot of money on the "Pace interlock" and the pace interlock messes with your system and someone cracked the Pace interlock a week after the Waves gold bundle was released on 3.0. Therefore, it made the cracked version even more desirable than the purchased copy, because it didn't have the pace interlock that would screw up your system and make registering the program such a pain in the ass. Summary what would you prefer? The copy that is a headache to keep registering and messes with your DAW system or the copy you don't have to keep registering and doesn't mess with your system? I don't even bother to install antivirus software on my DAW because of the headaches, so you can guess which is my preference.

It's the same thinking of Steinberg's dongle copy protection.....Would you rather have a bunch of dongles attached to your paralel port, that get knocked off, or interfer with each other and cause the program to malfunction, or would you just rather have the less troublesome cracked version that doesn't need a dongle and doesn't have any of the usual dongle problems? Bottom line, I'm all for copy protection until the copy protection starts to interfer with the program I purchased. I purchased the program, not the copy protection.
MacMoney wrote on 6/13/2002, 2:44 PM
Oh yes I read what Rip found.
You are so right.
And I thank God no problems (YET)
Some guys were let go from the beta team because they felt so strongly against PACE.
I never had any problems installing on my P3&4 systems.
Now when they had the dongle, The MOTU and Waves dongle did not like each other at ALL.
Once we went to pace No more lock-ups B.S.O.D.
I wish they would use something like Cakewalks SN# approach.
MacMoney wrote on 6/13/2002, 5:55 PM
BTW you can now download 3.5 from the Waves web page

Jacose wrote on 6/13/2002, 11:52 PM

I can use almost 3 times as many Rverbs as b4!!!!

Get the upgrade people!
Arno wrote on 6/14/2002, 1:44 AM
It appears that Waves has finally solved the problem with the Pace drivers.

I just installed the Waves 3.5 upgrade today and I haven't had a single crash for the first time in forever (knock on wood) and I've been working with it all day long.

I think the latest Pace driver helps too (InterLok drivers installer downloadable at the Waves site). It's important that the drivers are installed first and then the plugins.

Anyway, I'd be curious to know how Waves 3.5 is working out for everybody else.

CDM wrote on 6/14/2002, 10:13 AM
flawless for me. A great improvement!
Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/20/2002, 4:13 AM
So PACE no longer does things illegal in a Windows environment ?
MacMoney wrote on 6/20/2002, 7:33 AM
>So PACE no longer does things illegal in a Windows environment ?

Not for me on Win98se or Win2k. I don't have XP or Me.

A guy e-mailed me on Monday and said that he had problems, as we went over the stuff he had I found out he had a crack copy of Autotune. He uninstalled it can cleaned his registry and reinstalled Waves 3.5, yesterday he said life was still cool with 3.5.