Steven Myers wrote on 2/19/2010, 12:39 PM
This topic has been covered recently in this forum.

I use the Cakewalk wrapper. Works fine.
xzb6np wrote on 2/21/2010, 8:28 AM
Yes I have tried every wrapper out there and the Cakewalk wrapper as stated above is the only one that works correctly in all areas.

I have tried all the free and actually purchased several until I finally purchased the Cakewalk wrapper.
ShortyEmcee wrote on 2/23/2010, 12:08 PM
K guys, thanx.... I'll try to search the forum for the posts....

Limited time, not being lazy.... thanx for the response.

So would my old version of Sonar 5 have this Wrapper ???

Maybe I can just install it from that?????
Steven Myers wrote on 2/24/2010, 11:08 PM
I think the wrapper shipped with SONAR 3 & 4. Not sure.

I had 3 still lying around, but because I could find no way to install just the wrapper, I bought the stand-alone version from Cakewalk for $30 or something like that.

It appears that the wrapper is no longer for sale on the Cakewalk site. Maybe you can find it somewhere else.
ShortyEmcee wrote on 2/25/2010, 10:12 AM

Did you install the Sonitus FX???

We are running Pro Tools, so I don't want Sonar installed...
(We also have an old copy of 3)

Cakewalk just emailed us the Sonitus FX Bundle...
We wanted to have access to those as well... not a bad bundle, I kinda like the Mutliband
We'll install that later this afternoon, and should get Sonitus FX into CD Arch, since they run DX/VST
I'm not sure if that's with the wrapper or not tho.....

After installing the Sonitus FX we'll see if Waves show up or not....
Assuming they will IF the wrapper installs with the Sonitus FX... it may....

If not, we'll have to contact Cakewalk again, as I'm sure they'll email us the wrapper too.....
They're pretty supportive of owners of their old software.
Even with 'portions' of it, as evidence by the fact that they emailed us the Sonitus FX bundle.....

Would be nice if Sony would offer the same support.
Can't believe they wanna charge for phone support. Pretty crappy.
And a funny note... their tech support referred me to a Forum Post as an answer/ line of support to a question I asked!!!!!
Wow... charge for support by phone, and let the users provide the answers! WOW!!!!!

Maybe they'd offer me better support if they knew I was producing/mixing/mastering a project that is being picked up by Sony in the next couple months..... ????

I'll keep this updated tho.
jackn2mpu wrote on 2/25/2010, 2:04 PM
Didn't know the Sonitus plugs were available as a separate program outside of Sonar.

Edit for additional:
I stand corrected - they are available as a separate download for $99. Not a freebie.
And I doubt that Cake would just email the wrapper.
Steven Myers wrote on 2/25/2010, 3:54 PM
I'll try again:
SONAR 6 is installed on my video machine, just in case I have need for such a thing. SONAR 6 supports VST, but does not have the wrapper as a separate install. And VST support does not extend to other apps, such as CD Architect. (I suspect that later versions of SONAR no longer need the "wrapper.")

The wrapper came with SONAR 3 as a separate install. That wrapper will allow CD Architect to use VST plugs, but that installer program will not run properly under Win7 64 !
I'm going to guess that if you're still running XP, it will work.

I bought the stand-alone wrapper from Cakewalk in Oct. 2009. $39. It installed the wrapper properly.

I installed the Sonitus plug-ins. They work.

An unexpected benefit in all this: I have the PSP Stereo Pack plug-ins, which come in both DirectX and VST versions. The DX versions do not work in the 64-bit environment. But with the Cakewalk wrapper, the VSTs do.
ShortyEmcee wrote on 2/26/2010, 8:11 AM
Didn't know the Sonitus plugs were available as a separate program outside of Sonar.

Edit for additional:
I stand corrected - they are available as a separate download for $99. Not a freebie.
And I doubt that Cake would just email the wrapper.

We own 3, and beta tested 6.

We spoke with Cakewalk by phone, and YES, they sent us the wrapper, and the Sonitus FX, as well as ALL other Sonar Plugs :)

That's the kind of service you get when you actually PAY FOR and OWN software :)

Why wouldn't they send it to us? We own it. It's registered.
We just lost the box and installer. Cut us some slack....
Sonar 3 and 6 are OLD...... and we don't use em.... haven't for a while.
But with new setups going on with machines, we needed to reinstall stuff.
Being that we are not installing SONAR, and just need components from it,
and since we already OWN it, but just lost the installer, Cakewalk was very helpful.

At any rate......
I installed the Wrapper.....
Waves is installed.
I included C:/ProgramFiles/Waves/Plugins
The wrapper scans all the plugs, but doesn't add them to the list.

Any ideas??????

Waves Platinum Native version 7

WE OWN IT..... Waves says their plugs are not supported in CD Arch and will offer no support... :(

I've seen this work in the past.... so I am wondering what the issue is,
And what the solution is.

When we had this working before, on the other machine, with Sonar and Pro Tools installed, it was with version 5 of Waves
Reverting Waves is not an option......

I believe Waves supports having Version 5 and 7 installed simultaneously, so I'll have to try that.
Then the question will be, how do I keep Pro Tools from seeing 2 installs of Waves.....

Maybe install Waves 5 in a seperate location, put those plugs in the Digidesign Unused Plugins folder,
Have the VST Wrapper look for them there.....

That might work.....

I'll post my results, but any ideas would be helpful
Steven Myers wrote on 2/26/2010, 8:28 AM
any ideas would be helpful

I don't think you've said yet which OS you're using now.

ShortyEmcee wrote on 2/26/2010, 11:00 AM
My Bad.... these two PC machines in question are on XP Pro

I ran a machine with Vista, through all the Vista issues,
And have a test setup running 7, just with PT8LE,

But XP Pro has still been our most solid setup even in PT8 with Waves

I am going to move these two rooms to Mac,
but only once the funds are in hand for two Quad Mac Pro's

At which point..... CDA is out of the question anyway.... And we'll use Peak

BUT- It would still be nice to have these machines configured properly, as I'll bring one home...

These rooms are commercial, and run 24 Hrs a day

As an update to the Waves issue.

Waves ran DX up through 5.0/5.2.... that's why they worked in CDA
Per Waves, two versions can not co-exist.
I believe this is likely more per their policy rather than functionality.
REALLY LAME.... but I love my Waves....
If this were possible.... my life and system would be very very happy.

With PT8, we cannot compramise on Waves version 7,
as it has resolved all the plug related issues we had.

Right now, with PT8 and Waves 7, the system is very very happy.

There was only one other related issue we had with a control surface in the B Room that I just resolved :)

I'm not in the habit of alienating hardware that works. As it all seems to have it's place. And it's paid for.

For instance, my Pro Tools Mix System is very very happy.
And by far the most stable system I have ever used.
It is based abound a Mac G4 MDD Dual 1.25, 2GB RAM,
Magma 13 Slot Expansion Chassis,
1 Mix Core, 3 DSP Farm II's, 3 DSP Farms
1 888/24, and 7 888/16's.
Digidesign USD
All racked together
(Though 2 888's are not racked, plugged up when needed)

As the rack sits, it is 48 tracks simultaneous I/O
I can plug up the other 2 888's if I need, to get to 64

It is used for live remote location recording mostly.

I recorded Jesse Langseth at The Fineline in Minneapolis with it....
26 Channels, at 44.8KHz/24Bit, for 2 Hours.... rock solid, about 15% TOTAL system usage
I've recorded 42 channels, same rates, for over 4 hours.

anyway... I'm off topic.... haaaaa

Point being, after going to Mac, the spare PC system will likely have it's uses..... like, coming home with me :)
So there's really no reason to get all this working properly if possible.

And who knows, the way things are going, it may find its way into a C Room of sorts

At any rate........

The Cakewalk VST-DX Wrapper scans the Waves v7 plugs, but does not add them to the list.

Does not work.......

We'll have to rely on the Sonitus and other VST FX for CDA

Waves is no longer an option.

Therefore.... I think I'll have to take projects out-of-house for mastering......

I love my Waves.....
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/27/2010, 4:33 PM
You don't like the Izotope plugins, the bundled 4 or others ? Or you don't have them via SF...

ShortyEmcee wrote on 3/1/2010, 12:04 PM
I don't have SoundForge

I run CDA as a standalone authoring/mastering app....

I basically do all my mastering in PT.....

Meaning.... after an entire project is bounced track by track, I open a new session and import all the bounces.....

Organize them on a track by track basis, staggered into a timeline...


Bounce each region/track individually

Insert the mastered tracks into CDA, arrange/author, and make any final adjustments there.

I've come to rely on my Waves plugs.

I own them.... not bootlegs....

I hear people complain about them for various reasons all the time, but it is usually based on hacked versions, or operator errors, or missunderstanding of the plugs, or how to use them.... that or the person has no idea what they are doing period.

I love em.

I went from v5.0/5.2 Waves, to v7, in a matter of months..... so the issue of them working to not, within CDA, was pretty quick and immediate.

Just took me forever to figure out why.

Makes CDA Useless to me....

We have some other plugs available in CDA, but as I said, I have come to rely on my Waves plugs, and there is no substitute in my book.

So I've got a useless CDA 5.2d on my system...... :(
MacMoney wrote on 3/1/2010, 6:15 PM
ShortyEmcee I have almost the same setup as you
I create in Acid 7 on TDM Mix3 & LE hardware. Mix in PT.
I have Waves v5 om my TDM system and Waves v7 on my LE system.

George Ware
ShortyEmcee wrote on 3/2/2010, 6:55 AM
Well, I've got Waves 5.0/5.2 on my Mix System, but I may as well take it off.....

I don't mix/master on it.....

v7 is on my other rig..... but I need v7 to jive with PT7.... so....

Waves 5.0/5.2 and 7 cannot coexist on the same system.... so....

I dunno.... I gotta call Waves again.

I'm pretty sure I know a way around it, but I'm thinking it's against their policy....

Don't see why it should be.......


Kinda beatin a dead horse here.....

I'll be on Mac on both these other systems soon anyway, and then it won't matter. I'll be on Peak instead of CDA