Ways of working that don't involve multiple projects

gabgilson wrote on 3/31/2021, 10:45 AM

Hi. I'm using Vegas 18 pro (482). CPU 3600, GPU RTX2060, 32gb RAM. I think I've got a bit stuck with a way of working between my rushes and my edit timeline, and it's not helping the stability of V18. I'd be glad if anyone has pointers on a more efficient way of working.

I usually have two projects open at the same time, one timeline has all my rushes with comments and subclips for the good bits - swooshy shots, best presenter takes etc. The other project has the edit timeline.

I copy the clips I need one by one across from the rushes timeline to the edit project. This has served me well in the past, as you're not constantly hunting the timeline to grab the next clip - the timelines stay exactly where you need them.

But I have to admit that having 2 projects open using the same clips seems to make V18 unstable. There may be other things going on with my set up that's causing the crashes, but I figured this was the first thing to try and remedy.

How do other people work - are nested projects the way to go? Thanks for any suggestions.


jetdv wrote on 3/31/2021, 10:56 AM

Your workflow would not work with nested projects. You need the individual events kept individual. If you nest, they will all become one event.

Once you have your good segments, you could create sub-clips and put them all in a specific bin in the Project Media, delete them from the timeline, and then add them from the bin as need. In fact, you could create multiple bins to categorize them. You'd really need to use sub-clips for this method, though.

You could just push them all down the timeline as you build it to the left and move the desired events left as needed. Granted, you'd probably end up moving right/left on the timeline a lot but then they could all be on a single timeline.