We had a chance to audition a nuendo project this weekend.

darr wrote on 11/20/2000, 9:02 AM
I can tell you this.Screen is full of wonderful things;to
clutter up your work.
To work in this program is to have to spend alot of time
going between menus and things; such as making a cut and
then moving it.This takes alot of jumping around.As far as
editing goes this is a slower and longer program compared
to vegas Video.
I am not tooting any horns.Just explaining what we got to
do with an engineer who showed us the ropes on this
Trust me , the grass always looks greener on the other
side,but from where I stood,I could not see the grass,just
alot of snow!
P.s.This seemed like a jack of all trades as well.
I wish them good luck though.Just too slow.


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