What does Vegas need?

tmrpro wrote on 6/4/2003, 4:25 PM
I'd like to know what Vegas users think is the number one most important thing that Vegas needs for audio.

Please keep it brief and include a short description of your recording environment/uses.


Here's what I think it needs:

The application NEEDS to have the ability to monitor its armed track while the tracks are rolling, then when punchin occurs, monitor the sound card's channel input. This is referred to as "AUTO INPUT".

Nashville Record Producer for Major & Independent music product releases.

Sessions are either:
Basic tracking sessions - 6 different recording musicians (I.E. Drums, Bass, AC. Guitar, EL. Guitar, Keyboards and Dumby Vocal) recording up to 19 individual tracks comprised of stereo and mono tracks (stereo tracks represent 2 individuals) at one time. Each successful take generally requires a small fix (punch in) on one or more instruments prior to moving on to the next song. This fix may consist of a mono track or a stereo track punchin.

Lead instrument or vocal overdub sessions recording to, no more than, 2 tracks at one time.


stakeoutstudios wrote on 6/4/2003, 4:59 PM
hey tmr, I'd really appreciate your input - can you have a look at my post labelled 'advice'?

I agree with auto input.

Rednroll wrote on 6/4/2003, 5:18 PM
Vegas needs hardware mixer control surface support and then a 3D Virtual Valory function where she walks around my studio and keeps my clients occupied with a smile on their faces while I'm mixing.....and of course she'll always be there for me when I'm just playing around with my own stuff. Yeah, baby.....how's that sound? Tell me that's the way you like it! :-)~
PipelineAudio wrote on 6/4/2003, 5:59 PM
1. Auto Input
2. Stability
3. Midi control surface
4. Midi recording of some sort, even if it means being locked to Acid
5. Stability
6. Tempo changes ( even if only for visual settings for the grid )
bgc wrote on 6/4/2003, 6:06 PM
1. Some way for Acid and Vegas to easily share projects (hand transferring is a major pain).
2. Control surface support would be nice, though I'm a keyboard/mouse mixer at this point.
3. Stability - it's very solid, make it even more so.
PipelineAudio wrote on 6/4/2003, 6:19 PM
I forgot a BIG one

ability to send track one out output 1, period, no double bussing, no panning no shennanigans
tmrpro wrote on 6/4/2003, 6:44 PM
So, the only way you can output directly channel for channel in its current configuration is to create a bus then assign the buss's output to the desired channel of the card?

You can create up to 26 busses...
PipelineAudio wrote on 6/4/2003, 7:20 PM

you need to create the buss, then PAN the channel to that buss, also killing the other half of any internal fx sends you are using


you can "double buss" and do some fader thingies

in my humble experience, any time you add output busses in vegas things get a little funny. Internal busses no problem
Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/4/2003, 7:38 PM
1 - Basic midi file playback.
2 - Control surface support, with easily configurable links to all envelope types.
3 - channel level meters
4 - project data archive writing to CD/DVD.
drbam wrote on 6/4/2003, 8:18 PM
>>in my humble experience, any time you add output busses in vegas things get a little funny. Internal busses no problem>>

Pipe, can you be more specific? I'm using an 8 bus setup (16 outs to my console) and haven't experienced anything "funny." What do you mean exactly?


PipelineAudio wrote on 6/4/2003, 9:37 PM
I loose track to track sync once I have quite a few outputs going
And it gets clunky and sketchy and sticky

. Havent really tried since vegas 3.
Then again I am a professional bug magnet
drbam wrote on 6/4/2003, 10:42 PM
>>Havent really tried since vegas 3.
Then again I am a professional bug magnet <<

I'm using VV3 with 8 stereo busses out to my console with no weirdness happening that I'm aware of. I'm hardly using any plugins except a some eq on some trks and maybe light compression - 2 or 3 trks at the most. Occasionally I will use a delay plugin but 90% of my efx processing is done with outboard gear.

Arnar wrote on 6/5/2003, 5:51 AM
Conservative request...

Basic midi would be nice or being able to use rewire.

Channel meters for sure!

Being able to bus a bus.

Tempo changes.

not so conservative request....

I would love to be able to select a bunch of samples and do replace with another sample from the media pool.(note that im aware of being able to replace a sample but that always replaces all of the samples as opposed to just the selection)

Take this a step further and allow the same function to use a number of samples that would replace the selection according to a few preset parameters like consecutive, random, alternate.

Transient to marker ability (that is make a selection on the timeline as well as choosing a track) and then according to a threshold it will create markers at the transients)

Paste to markers...being able to select a few markers and then chosse a file that will be pasted to the marker ,from the start of the file or according to the snap offset of one prepared sample.

I would like to be able to set a groove factor to the grid ...that is the grid will be offset according to conventional groove factors.

Multiple markers....Somtimes i need one set of markers for audio and the other for video or whatever, i would like to be able to hide markers #1 and showing the next set of markers.

Folder tracks....(as in being able to compact "visually"a number of tracks)
Come on ..this is necessary i often work with 60+ tracks and it gets a bit cluttered.
Take that a step further and allow us to cut and paste the folder track as one track.

REVERSE sample....please!!

A few envelope presets would be nice where you could select a sawtooth, sine, etc and you could select wether it locks to tempo or not and being able to set the quantise to 8th´s or whatever.

reaching a bit..here

Convert track to envelope.....this i would love!!!
where you could select a track and according to threshold /sens etc it would create an envelope which you could use as an gate fx or whatever.

Also i need to be able to convert a pan envelope to a volume envelope or an fx envelope to a pan envelope.

Just a few quick thoughts...must get back to work...

MacMoney wrote on 6/5/2003, 7:19 AM
Hardware Control Surface
Basic Midi
FX Automation from Plug-in GUI
DXi and VSTi
BWF Support
OMF Support
Import Acid sessions.

George Ware
tmrpro wrote on 6/5/2003, 8:17 AM
Without a description of your recording environment/uses, it's hard to guess for what applications your needs would be applicable.

Please reiterate and include your environment/uses. Simply saying what Vegas needs will not define how you use or how you want to use Vegas ...

MacMoney wrote on 6/5/2003, 9:20 AM
Same as George

also add RTAS to the the list of FX

Tony Mac
Rednroll wrote on 6/5/2003, 10:39 AM
I like all your requests!!! I'll take all those along with Virtual Valerie. :-)~
Arnar wrote on 6/5/2003, 11:06 AM
hehe....yeah well..one can dream.:)
Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/5/2003, 7:29 PM
5. Ability to open *multiptle* effect chain windows at same time (maybe some trickery with Shift/CTRL/ALT/whatever button, etc, to open a 'persistant' type chain that doesn't replace the existing open one and isn't overwritten by others. After all, I have got his spare screen will real-estate still to fill....

6. Event selection in track view mirrored in Media Pool (and vice-versa).

7. Stronger indication of events with multiple takes below.

tmrpro wrote on 6/6/2003, 8:22 AM
Here's a summation of a typical "split console" monitoring configuration for multitrack recording, how "Auto Input" works and how it would be cool if it worked in Vegas:

Word Document
stakeoutstudios wrote on 6/7/2003, 6:14 AM
oh boy here goes....

1. rewire to ACID (or uber app, VSTi etc)

2. reverse sample

3. mono busses

4. buss to buss assignments

5. auto input

6. more stability (too many crashes at the moment)

7. no CPU munching on Universal Audio UAD1 card (maybe you guys could work
together on this?)

8. if the event is on anything other than take one, display that take count.

9. ability to put FX packages into folders (better organised)

10. correction of bug where it sometimes won't allow you to make a folder name when organising plugins into folders. I group mine - EQ dynamics etc.

11. sidechain input to plugins.

12. correction of the infamous zoom out bug.

13. correction of the bug where a track is soloed, and then when it is unsoloed and playing, everything goes out of sync. Fine when stop / play is pressed again.

14. drumagog 3.08 working would be nice, I think this is down to them though.

15. when you group events and pull an event fader - all the grouped events should fade.

16. phase change in small increments. for example a gain-like fader that changes phase 0 - 180 degrees. For example - a snare drum mic top and bottom are unlikely to boe 180 degrees out of phase with each other. By zooming and using a gradual waveform turning upsidedown graphic, we could line up the phase exactly.

17. freeze function for plugins / tracks / busses (ala logic audio 6)

19. export project to individual track whole wav files - pre / post FX

20. export project to individual buss files - pre / post FX

21. ACID style loop tracks that force things to the project BPM.

22. project BPM and time signature on the main screen.

23. tempo / time signature changes.

24. split frequency resonant filter. I.E. low, mid-low, mid, high. This way we can more easily do automation on this plugin. It just doesn't zoom in far enough at the moment.

25. integration with synchroarts Vocalign project if installed - right click on event, open as left dub, open as right dub. This would make my life so much easier!

26. right click on event, 'trim to shown area'. sometimes I leave Vegas recording for ages (in band rehearsal for example) and I'd just like to destructively delete the rubbish surrounding the bit I want to keep. I know we can file -> save as -> trim, but this would be much more quick and dirty.

27. Insert audio track (like normal, but with an additional arrow and option to select the number of audio tracks it inserts) I.E. I insert 8 tracks for drum mikes.

well, that's all I can think of at the moment... I'm sure there's more that'll crop up in time! I can only begin to imagine how amazing Vegas will be when some or all of these are implemented! It's already better than anything wlse for me - hence why I use it!

Recording situations - www.stakeoutstudios.com

I record mostly Rock, Punk, Metal, Indie and Acoustic / Folk

Anywhere between one and sixteen channels at one time. Monitoring through a mixer and having to put careful consideration into how to integrate the new preamps and gear arriving shortly.

I have a use for VSTi's occasionally, (i.e. we want to overdub a hammond.)

I also have a use for a sequenced sampler (VSTi) for when I'm asked to program drums etc.

Loop tracks would also be useful as most the material I do is recorded to a metronome.

I get asked to insert tempo changes really often, so that feature alone would make a massive difference to me.

thanks to all those listening!
Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/7/2003, 10:57 PM
I would prefer to leave all the BPM stuff in apps like Acid, or at least totally defeatable/removable in Vegas.

Much music is not constrained to a BPM, even in sections, and anything that attempts to impose even such a 'thought' is doing as much disservice to music as a permanently-wired 'loudness maximiser' would.

PipelineAudio wrote on 6/8/2003, 2:39 AM
right but a tempo change ability for the grid for visibility purposes would be cool, really cool
BWO wrote on 6/8/2003, 10:21 AM
As a surround sound editor I think that Vegas needs to finally get fully working surround panner.
Discreet center channel issue has not been solved...so please, SoFo/Peter, do something about it soon!
L-C-R panning is impossible in current version.
Well, I guess everyone has read the thread where this issue has been discussed...just to remind that this limitation still exists...

stakeoutstudios wrote on 6/8/2003, 4:52 PM
If you don't want to use tempo / time sync features then you don't have to. You wouldn't add a loop track for example.

I record much without a metronome, but by god, the option is useful sometimes! we're just making this option more flexible.