TheHappyFriar wrote on 3/6/2010, 8:08 AM
apple wins the award for "best shaky cam films with a budget". WOOT WOOT! :D
PerroneFord wrote on 3/6/2010, 8:24 AM

I like the comment from the guy... "What about best picture award?"

And as I've said before, I don't know who SCRI is, but I know who ACE is, and they just gave Avid an award this year for technical excellence. I've never seen SCRI mentioned in the credits under the name of any feature editor, but I darn sure have seen ACE.

The 2009 ACE survey indicated that some 80% of their members were cutting on Apples. Though only 21% of them were cutting on FCP. A whopping 79% were cutting on Avid.

Consider the following quote:

"The perception, (especially among FCP users) is that Final Cut Pro is slowly but surely taking over the post industry. While that maybe true in the "Indy" world, the reality is the Avid Media Composer is still firmly entrenched in Hollywood feature films and broadcast television. In order for you to compete in Hollywood it's important to know BOTH tools."

That comes DIRECTLY from the LAFCPUG web page... that's the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group. The largest and most prestigious FCP user group in the world. And it was the opening to their meeting back in Nov. 2009 where they invited Avid in to speak...

Also, when this subject get's tossed around, Walter Murch's name (famous editor for Francis Ford Copploa) gets thrown in since he was a huge proponent of FCP. Take note on that webpage of the 9pm speaker...

"9:00PM - 9:50PM - "What's it like going from Avid to FCP and back to Avid?" - Walter Murch

Legendary film and sound editor Walter Murch returns to lafcpug to discuss "what is it like going from the Avid to FCP and back to the Avid." Walter has been editing with Final Cut Pro for several years after having used the Avid for several years. And now he is back on the Avid editing a movie here in Los Angeles."