Where can i get my serial number from videofactory 2 upgrade?

neuronet wrote on 7/25/2001, 4:11 PM
I just bought it the upgrade and evrithings fine till
ask for a serial number. of course I activated the regcode but is not enough every time I start the prgram ask me for the serial but sonicfoundry did not send me an e-mail or toll me that it was necesary.
they just gave me the regcode. so Im lost on this.
any clue???
(the program is in "demo mode")


MBerger wrote on 7/25/2001, 5:53 PM
If you have just installed your software, you will need to use your Serial number first to unlock the software, then using the Serial Number and another number that is generated by the installation called a Computer ID, you will be able to unlock your Software into the Full version. If you are having problems doing so, you will be able to call our Customer Service Department at 1800.577.6642 and we will be able to Help you with this over the phone.