SHTUNOT wrote on 11/22/2003, 3:19 PM
Rednroll wrote on 11/25/2003, 6:28 AM
Actually I thought this was pretty amazing. I don't really use CDA, since I own Vegas, but was getting all my latest updates from the updates pages and figured I would update CDA also. I thought there must have been something wrong because there was no update for CDA. Then I came in here and saw your post. I guess if you release something and it's perfect, then there's no need for updates.

If it's working perfectly, then I wish someone would find some time to add a "CD Text" feature to it. I would start using CD Architect then instead of Nero and be more aware that there hasn't been any updates.
SHTUNOT wrote on 11/25/2003, 1:27 PM
Hey Red...

Funny thing is that people have been complaining and there have been a few bugs found[and confirmed] and still no update. Fine maybe this happens rarely enough that they decided to put more focus on all the rest of the apps for now. But when I saw the gary rebholtz vid and he didn't even acknowledge the existance of CDA5 then I got worried.

I guess the focus is on Acid 5 and Vegas 5. Considering the feature requests from both products I can understand the delay in CDA 6. But a simple yes/no would be nice. I'm not asking for a date/time...just that they plan on keeping up on the development of it in the future.


I hope this time I'll be part of the beta test team. I'm so jealous that I wasn't emailed. Though they finally got in touch with me and I sent in my NDA already so we'll see.
oconned wrote on 11/28/2003, 4:29 PM
Yet again, CD Architect appears to have been abandoned.
stusy wrote on 12/2/2003, 7:04 PM
And lets add soundforge 6f (cuz there is a 5f) and vegas 3d (it's been 3c for years now)...the CDA5 is despicable, but don't shoot the piano, er, I mean, the salespeople...everyone else maybe needs a baseball bat to the head...a claymore is just too messy...
CDM wrote on 12/3/2003, 10:52 AM
why would they release a new 6.0 update for Sound Forge, or a new Vegas 3 update? They've already upgraded to newer versions.

as for CD Arch, yes, it's way overdue for a bug fix / new version. What the hell???
Rednroll wrote on 12/3/2003, 4:50 PM
Don't try to get into an intelligent conversation with Stutsy. It's just not gonna happen. He looks for updates for the worst reasons I have ever seen...ala Acid is at 4.0e, Sound Forge is only at 7.0a...let's get a v7.0e update to match. He's even suggested updates in the forums for Sonic Foundry to show they're doing their part for the Gulf war. Someone has beaten Stutsy silly with a dummy bat and there's nothing he can do to fix it now.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/5/2003, 9:13 PM
Red, I have both Vegas and CDA-5, and apart from the most basic CD authoring , would not consider the use of Vegas for serious work in that arena.

My guess (hope) is that CDA5 will be re-incorprated into SoundForge, to compete more directly with WaveLab. It should not only have CD-TEXT, but the other 'audio CD' capabilies like CD-EXTRA, etc.

You'd think it wouldn't be difficult to implement (incl in CDA5) once the basic app architecture and burnign engine is written. ....


PS Stussy, why not hang out for Vegas Audio 2.0i while you're at it ? And Windows 3.12 ....
Rednroll wrote on 12/5/2003, 11:24 PM
I actually agree with you on this one. That was my whole gripe about the reintroduction of CDA. Why re-introduce it in the first place, just incorporate it into Sound Forge where it belongs and compete head to head with the competitors? Why waste resources developing a new app and having to support it, just add it as an additional feature in Sound Forge where it belongs. With the first copy of SF7 beta I installed, that was my first question...."what no DAO capability in Sound Forge!?" That was one of the primary reasons I started using Sound Forge, was because it had a menu item for CDA and worked seemlessly together. With myself and a whole lot of users complaining, that's why it was implemented into Vegas. This was a dream come true for me, because when assembling tracks I always ran into the problem, where a client would like to create skits between tracks usually when the work was almost complete, which required a multi-track environment to create the skits to fill in-between the mastered song tracks. Previous to vegas having this capability I would do all the assembly in CDA and then offline assemble the skits within Vegas, then import them into CDA after I mixed them. Well now with Vegas having this ability, I don't have to commit to a mix, before being able to hear it within the assembled CD project. I just mix the skits withing the same Vegas project I'm putting the CD assembly together. Going back to CDA and putting the CD assembly process together would seem like I'm limiting myself by not having a multi-track environment available.

I understand though, that a lot of users don't need this ability and rather work with a simplified UI. It just makes sence to me that mastering and CD assembly processes go hand-in-hand, so why not include them in the same app? You prefer to work with Sound Forge and CDA together, and I prefer to work with Vegas and Sound Forge together. Either combination has the same capabilities, except your preference doesn't have the confusion of the mulit-track environment and my preference doesn't have the limitation of not having multiple tracks. Hey, we're both happy, except we're both getting shorted for simple features like CDtext ability. Vegas has scripts that you can write for it, I was at least hoping someone could write a script for CDtext if Sony/Sofo wasn't going to support this feature, but I haven't heard of anyone successfully doing that yet. How's the scripting features for CDA?

My vision would be to have the best of both worlds and have Sound Forge have CDA features and kick Wavelabs ass in that department, and have Vegas have the same ability to have a multi-track that has a feature that no other multi-track else has yet to offer.
MacMoney wrote on 12/6/2003, 1:47 PM
I'm with you 100% on this on Red!

Charles hit the (ITU)

George Ware
rpmbassman wrote on 12/8/2003, 12:53 PM
Many of us don't use other Sonic Foundry applications and like the audio editors we use...and only need a CD compilation tool like CDA with all its bells and whistles.

I would like to see CDA continue with updates, thank-you.