nutrapuppy wrote on 2/14/2003, 4:10 AM
I second that. Surely they released it way too soon. I have yet to burn a useable CD, tried 2 different supported burners. I'd be willing to buy a Burner that works, if they cannot make compliant software. I would feel hosed, but whats new?
Either way, I have yet to locate the list of supported burners for CD-Architect 5. The online list is for version 4, and everyone knows how great the support for that went.
RikTheRik wrote on 2/14/2003, 10:34 AM
And I believe that if there was an ISO file export or something similar, people would not mind about the drive support. By this way you would be able to burn the cd using Roxio or Nero (which are supporting almost every existing drive!).
Ozzy wrote on 2/14/2003, 3:43 PM
I have had problems playing back CD's also burned in CDA5. I have now found a method that works, Sort out all of your tracks as normal in CDA5 but do not burn a cd in CDA5. Instead save the project as a.wav file instead of a .cdp file. THis will save your entire project (including all crossfades, indexes etc) to one master wav file. Then by using the premaster utility (which can be found at open the master wav file in it and then save it as a.cue extension (same as a iso image file) It will recognise all the indexes and then you can burn this image by using either nero or roxio etc. I burn mine with Nero express and all my D's work fine now. I hope this helps.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/15/2003, 6:56 PM
Please don't think that CDA5 in universally crippled. Obviously there are some people with genuine problems, but I have never burnt a disc that would not play in my regular test setup of CD-ROM drive, Discman, Ghetto-blaster and domestic CD player.

Burning in both IDE (LiteOn and Cyberdrive), and SCSI (Plexwriter 12/4/32) burners.

Only failures have been due to not pre-rendering with too high a cpu load in resampling/effects burns.

timparis wrote on 2/17/2003, 2:31 AM
I have 3 Plextor drives, 1 scsi, and 2 ide, and a yamaha f1 all tested running in a dual athlon 2200 with 1GB of ram. CD Architect doesn't burn properly, even on a virgin install of XP.

Even if it did, it is pretty much of no use at this stage, because my regular clients require cd text.

Weka wrote on 2/18/2003, 12:11 AM
98SE, 800meg, 320RAM, Yamaha 400Atx burner - Mitsui gold CDs.
Sometimes I burn 20 a day and have to date no failures. Apart from some graphic weirdness at the start of I burn, I find CDA5 simply great. What's going on?
stusy wrote on 2/18/2003, 9:15 AM
Upgrades we've had a pretty good share of, but updates, in ANY of the sofo apps..? makes me wanna slash my wrists in angst, 'course it would be messy, but so what...they'd come up to me and say, "why, why did you do it" and I'd whisper, "because sonic foundry hasn't had any updates since, since...(vamp/fade and CUT...)