Spot|DSE wrote on 9/2/2004, 7:03 PM
I know some of you have been waiting a while for the new Vegas book, me included. However, today I approved everything from the DVD, which is the last thing to be approved, go thru legal, etc, etc, etc.

I'm thrilled to say it's going to be here really soon now. Legal and Layout are where this stuff gets screwed up/slowed up.
To make up for the wait, the DVD contains:

And more... :-) I don't want to give it all away just yet.
I felt terrible, even though it's out of my control, that the book was delayed, hence the extra, extra effort on the DVD contents to make up for it. The ACID loops alone are worth twice the cost of the book.
Special thanks to Cheno and Mitch Richardson for helping me get the book done and out by early June. The book also contains a couple really sexy veg files from Mike Chenoweth, one of them is 50 layers deep.

Thanks to you guys for your patience.


randy-stewart wrote on 9/2/2004, 8:14 PM
Ready with credit card in hand and finger on mouse...
P.S. Your diving debut is on my home site :-)
apit34356 wrote on 9/2/2004, 8:40 PM
Spot, your work will be a fine addition to anyone's collection!

Stonefield wrote on 9/2/2004, 8:54 PM
..............WHEW IS RIGHT !!!!!............

I say so because I was JUST about to buy your original book soon. Whew...glad I waited.

Now Spot, is this an update to "THE book" that people always are referring to when they mention you or a totally different book?

Any idea's on pricing ? Canadian or otherwise ? Just curious...

Boy I'm glad I waited !!! LOL

Stan (Stonefield)

..........mmmmmm......Loops baby.....love 'em !
Spot|DSE wrote on 9/2/2004, 9:03 PM
It's an update, or second edition. Some/most chapters are gutted and re-written due to new features, plus a couple new chapters. Sadly, the book had grown too large to ship, so we had to take two full chapters (Basics of DV and Computer Setup) and put them as PDF's on the DVD. There are also a number of bonus articles/chapters, etc that aren't part of the actual book, but are part of other articles I've written for various magazines, websites, VASST tours, etc.
I guess this is "The Book" that folks refer to... :-)
Within a couple weeks of "The Book" coming out, we'll also have the "Instant Vegas 5" book from myself and Jeffrey Fisher, which is a much smaller, task oriented book, aimed at both new Vegas users and Vegas Movie Studio users. It's very small by comparison, with only 550 screenshots, no DVD or CD included.
http://www.vasst.com/printproducts/bookmenu.htm will show you more on the two new Vegas books and the new Boris Effects book from VASST.
Stonefield wrote on 9/2/2004, 9:15 PM
$48.97 Canadian ??? Only ?!

...jeez....I might take two !

heh....Can't wait....
Laurence wrote on 9/2/2004, 10:16 PM
I just got the Vegas 4 version about three days ago! I love it by the way. I'll buy the new one too!
PDB wrote on 9/3/2004, 2:06 AM
Just placed my pre-order for the Vegas 5 Editing Workshop...and thought why not! and ordered the Boris Effects AND the Sounforge 7 book while I was at it (and I don't even own these last 2 pieces of software!!...well I do have the light Soundforge -forget the exact name - and of course Boris Graffitti so I'm hoping I'll learn a few useful things anyway..)

Thanks Spot and all the team for putting all this together for us! I must say it is incredible Value for money...

On a side note, I checked the price on Amazon UK vs the US: 38 Pounds Sterling vs 33$ !!! That's almost twice the price for the same book!!!! The difference gets me Priority shipping....

Now can someone hurry up and get those books on the shelves (and in the post...) I'm going to have to wait for all of them to be avaliable before they get shipped...

Thanks again,

jazzvalve wrote on 9/3/2004, 9:12 AM
rock on sir!!! i really 'preciate you guys bringing these out. i learned alot from your other books. thanks for sharing all the ways you do here and all the other places. i hope veryones greatful for it.
DGrob wrote on 9/3/2004, 10:27 AM
I worked my way thru your V4 book and it has made all the difference. Can't wait to see the new project! Darryl
Eyepeace wrote on 9/3/2004, 12:03 PM
I've got to second what others are saying here. Your book and DVD's have helped me greatly. We run a small ministry and we find DVD's are a powerful way to help our outreach programs. It's inspiring to see how much of yourself you give to the community in the forums, much like everyone else. Your constant flow of tutorials and really help. I wish I could have seen you on one of the VASST tours but you never came close enough to us. Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness, and no apologies necessary for the delayed book.
What are you planning next?
wcoxe1 wrote on 9/3/2004, 12:06 PM
Kill Joy, Kill Joy. A THOUSAND! Wow!

But what have you comperable for people who don't WANT a thousand Acid Loops? Don't want Any of them, in fact!
dfields wrote on 9/3/2004, 12:46 PM
Great Spot.

I just bought it. I hope it doesn't take forever to be released.

I Hope it will get here soon

From a country far,far, far away....Brazil.

Spot|DSE wrote on 9/3/2004, 1:19 PM
Well wcox1,
All I can say is that you'll likely find the book at least 1000 times less useful. :-) Hopefully you'll like the book for the rest of what's in there.
wcoxe1 wrote on 9/3/2004, 5:37 PM
I suspect that you will get your royalties from me, too. Spot. I'm not that picky. But, it seems like a BIG overkill on something I have never found useful.

That is not to say that I don't expect that some others won't find them useful. But it just seems WAY out of balance on something that, when music is discussed on thid forum, often leads AWAY from loops. Those people were left out in that category. That is all I was saying. I would have liked to see 50 more of this and that, instead.

I certainly didn't mean any offense, as I respect you and your comments and opnions much to highly to do something stupid ike that I even tried to make that clear by the silly way I posted the note. I apologize if you were offended.
Spot|DSE wrote on 9/3/2004, 6:07 PM
Few things to consider...
Much of our work is for outside agencies, so I can't use their videos. Artbeats, our partner, isn't wanting/willing to give away 50 free vids, that would be like 2 grand worth of stock footage.
I won't use the crap stock footage that many companies offer us for free use. We buy or trade for Artbeats because they're the best.
Then there is the media I've created myself. For a 50.00 book that really sells for around 35.00, that I make not much on, it's not worth making too much stuff...And our clients aren't about to let people have access to their work. I did try to get clearance on a scene from "Hidalgo," TombRaider II," and for "Blackhawk Down" but the studio lawyers wouldn't allow it.
Then you toss in all the free software (that some of which, we pay for the licensing of) plus the demoware...plus the 600 pages of the book....It all adds up.
Then the loops....There are lots of GREAT loop providers out there that want you to hear their stuff, but due to bandwidth and cost of shipping individual CD's, they don't give away demo packages of their better loops. So, we've done that for you. I'm sorry if you don't see the value in ACID loops. I hope you're in the minority to some degree. Loops are something you can never have enough of, IMO. And they fit easily on a disc. Soundtrack creation is something Vegas is awesome at now, and loops bring it home. Maybe you can trade the DVD to a friend for some video... I dunno.

jazzvalve wrote on 9/3/2004, 6:09 PM
til you see it. might be slammin. i appreciate the loops
Stonefield wrote on 9/3/2004, 8:19 PM
Loops ? A thousand or so ?

heh...you GOT my money man.....loops.....bring 'em.

Eyepeace wrote on 9/4/2004, 7:49 AM
I'm looking forward to the loops, but also the Motion backgrounds.
However, I'm more excited to see the book and it's information. After all, it IS a book, not just buying the DVD that comes with it.
Thanks again for your hard efforts.
I'm curious, how long did it take to write/produce?
DGrob wrote on 9/5/2004, 8:21 PM
Bump. I'm in. Can't wait. Darryl
apit34356 wrote on 9/5/2004, 10:57 PM
Just ordered your book! Great Christmas gift material! Did you discuss copyright issues in the book? It's seems to be a issue many starting video users are inquiring about. I like your approach to sound, so I expect this book to strong in technique and editing style.

I'm repeating your drive experience today, I must now go over to the corner of the room and write a 1000 times, " I must mirror after major upgrades and long production runs" .
Spot|DSE wrote on 9/6/2004, 7:54 AM
In terms of how long it took to write, about 3 months. It was written during Beta testing, but no screen shots can be captured during beta as it's quite likely that they'll change and thus force recapturing again.
Then, it goes to legal to be sure everything is cool in terms of Sony's name use, non-NDA violation, etc. During the time it was in Legal, Vegas had an update. So that meant some edits and rewrites, plus a couple new screenshots. Then it goes to layout. While in layout, Vegas had another update. This meant a few rewrites and new screenshots. Quite a few in the second series of edits/screenshots, because the pan/crop tool changed, presets came back, etc, plus a few other small changes.
Layout is slow with so many screenshots. Really slow.

Apit, nothing in the book really, on copyright. Just a few words, and I removed some of what I'd had to say about copyright in the book because a couple people complained to the publisher that they'd bought a book on Vegas, not a lecture on copyright.
If you want info on Copyrights, here is a sneak peak at what we're releasing this week.
The Sony community discount does apply to this title.

Eyepiece, in terms of 'whats next' we're launching another Vegas book called "Instant Vegas 5,' which is a much smaller, more task oriented book. We're also launching Instant Boris FX, and have a couple new DVDs in the works in addition to the Vegas series.
Keep an eye on the VASST site for other new tools and free tutorials.
vitamin_D wrote on 9/6/2004, 8:08 AM
So...when's the Vegas 6 book slated to ship? :D And will it have a chapter on the new media management tools? :D :D
Spot|DSE wrote on 9/6/2004, 8:37 AM
Should be shipping late this week. It's just got the covers to be inserted from what I understand, and the DVD to be inserted as well.
No chapter on media management tools, just a section in an existing chapter.
apit34356 wrote on 9/6/2004, 8:51 AM
Spot, my order is coming 9/28. I have notice a lot more books, about video and movie making, are addressing this issue. So, the people complaining are way of base. I know this issue is important to you, so, I deleted my rant. Too bad the copyright lawyer didn't put a 5 minute ad on your DVD. I will pass on the DVD link to a couple of IDF people, especially to my brother-law! Probably outside they budget.

Do you use Pagemaker for your layout work or Quark? I have used Pagemaker a little.

Everyone please have a nice LaborDay, off to do errands, then at the cook out, I'm serving fried IBM FailProof Drive to the IBM manager instead of his med-well steak! Fortunely, I have a brand new 500 bed hospital 3/4mile away from my house.