Which burners support hidden tracks?

Fats wrote on 2/1/2002, 9:55 AM
Tried posting this in the Vegas forum w/ no luck. Thought I'd try here since I'm sure what I'm describing can be done in both VV3 and CDA . . .

According to the VV3 manual, you can create a hidden track on a CD by placing an event before the first track marker on the timeline, assuming "your drive supports burning this material." Apparently, my Plextor 8432T does not. When I try to burn a hidden track (DAO method), I get a message that my drive requires a precise 2-second pause before track 1.

Has anyone successfully burned a CD w/ a hidden track? If so, can you please tell what drive (make and model) you used to burn it? Thanks . . .


colinhill wrote on 2/1/2002, 5:18 PM
Unfortunately, the error message is bogus. Every Plextor drive does in fact allow you to start track one at time other than 0:02.00. Most newer drives do. I've never seen a drive that CDA (or presumably VV3) will do this with, however, I do it all the time with CDPBurn. I've done it with a PlexWriter 4/12, a PlexWriter 8/20, a PlexWriter 14/4/32, a Sony 8/4/32, a Sony 8/4/20 and a TDK VeloCD 32/10/40, all of which can be used with CDA, however it gives the 2 seconds precisely message with all of them.

Colin Hill
Fats wrote on 2/1/2002, 5:48 PM
Thanks a ton, Colin. You rule! I'm off to download CDPBurn right now and will report back on my success doing this with the Plexwriter 8432.

Later that evening . . .

Yea!!! It works! It appears the solution to burning hidden tracks is downloading this tiny app. Eureka!
zonk wrote on 2/8/2002, 8:02 AM
Just because CDA dispays the error message, you may be able to write anyway.
The Write button is available in the upper right corner of the error message.
Hit it and it may complete the write for you anyway. Or you may get another error which prolly means your drive says no way.

Don't let the error message scare you off. It's just telling you a violation of Red Book standard is about to happen. My Philip 2600 will write audio before Track 1, although there seems to be a limit to how long this track can be. Couldn't get my setup to write a minute hidden track on one project, but 2-3 min tracks seem fine.

Dunno about any other drives capability in this area, sorry.

Hope CDP burn works for you anyway, if you already popped for it.

BTW, some CD players will not let you rewind before track one to test the disk, so be sure you test in a drive that will actually play another disk that has a hidden track.

Good luck.

zonk wrote on 2/8/2002, 8:04 AM
Oops, I meant to write that a SEVEN minute hidden track would not work. Sorry for the typo.

El Zonk
TORLANDO wrote on 6/27/2002, 3:42 PM
I see that you have a lot of experience with this program--cd architect. I've just installed that same tdk 32vedlocd and I can find the drive on cd architect, but when I go to burn a track it comes up with an error and shuts down....any suggestions?????----Steve
MBerger wrote on 7/22/2002, 1:38 PM
If you are having any problems finding your drive under CD-A, check my last post located here - http://www.sonicfoundry.com/forums/ShowMessage.asp?ForumID=5&MessageID=113167 - This will be the generic work around that Sonic Foundry offers to users with Drives that are not openly supported by CD-A. Hope that helps.
DataCowboy wrote on 8/5/2002, 4:27 PM
Also, be prepared for a little hassle if you want to have the CD mass produced (i.e., not CD-R's). You need to make sure the company doing the duplication can do it, and that they know you have a hidden track, and that they tell everyone involved there is a hidden track, especially if they are doing any kind of post production for you.