kryten wrote on 3/29/2005, 7:27 AM
If you installed the nVidia IDE driver, uninstall it thru Device Manager and use the stock Windows driver. I have heard that this helps with other software packages.
kryten wrote on 3/30/2005, 1:25 AM
I had seen that before. I don't have a 64-bit system (yet....), but I still hear that the nVidia IDE driver seems to be a culprit with other software packages. It seems to be a problem on the nVidia systems using the 32-bit system. I thought I'd throw that out as a possible fix. Oh well...I use an nVidia system myself. The IDE driver gave me clicks of death on startup. Uninstalling them fixed that, although I never experienced the missing CD drive that others have.
Steve H wrote on 3/30/2005, 4:08 AM

installed windows drivers but still have no cd / dvd drives.
I guess thats the problem with new hardware technology, it pays to wait twelve months for the developers to sort the bugs.

Any more ideas? I have the latest firmware and nvidia drivers, its only CDA 5.2 and Sound Forge 8 not working, everthing else is fine.
jorgensen wrote on 3/30/2005, 6:22 AM
It is not enough just to uninstall the IDE driver, you also have to delete the driver file(s) e.g. nvraid.sys and maybe others.
kryten wrote on 4/3/2005, 2:48 PM
I highly suggest you read this KB article from MS. I have had to use it a couple of times on some friend's computers:;en-us;314060

This might do it for you.
kryten wrote on 4/24/2005, 10:42 PM
Did the KB article fix your problem? Others might benefit if it fixed it for you.
jorgensen wrote on 4/26/2005, 4:35 AM
The problem is not that Windows can't see the CD-ROMs, but only that Sony products, due nVidia IDE drivers and Sony products incompatibility, can't see the CD-ROMs.
Steve H wrote on 4/28/2005, 9:37 AM
I gave up and purchased a copy of Nero reloaded and it works fine.
When Sony / Nvidia decide to support products I will use CDA 5.2 to burn CDs.

Many thanks