Spot|DSE wrote on 11/23/2004, 4:18 PM
You've probably either blown them away, moved the directory, hit F5, moved a hard drive, or hard drive letters/resources changed.
GmElliott wrote on 11/23/2004, 6:02 PM
"...moved a hardrive..."?

It is on an external drive? What could I possibly have done with the external drive that might be considering "moving" a hardrive?

...thx for the reply
Chienworks wrote on 11/23/2004, 6:13 PM
It is possible, especially if you have multiple external drives, that when you reconnect them they'll end up with different drive letters.
Jameson_Prod wrote on 11/23/2004, 6:27 PM
I have noticed the same thing ever since I upgraded to V5. Everytime I open a project, it re-creates the peak files. I can exit the the program without shutting down the computer and it will rebuild the peak files. Looked for a way in preferences to change that setting but haven't found any way to do it. I just assumed it was the V5 way of doing things.

With large projects, I'd be interested in changing that also.
SonyTSW wrote on 11/23/2004, 8:09 PM
There was a bug in Vegas 4 and earlier that caused peak files to be rebuilt after a switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, or vice versa. This also can happen when you change the timezone setting in your computer's clock.

This problem was fixed in Vegas 5. The peak files will rebuild if the clock changed if they were created in Vegas 4, but they should not rebuild again in Vegas 5. But if you do happen to load those media files in an older application (such as Vegas 4), it will rebuild the peak files if the clock changed.

Of course, if you copy your Vegas project and media files to another drive but don't copy over the peak files, the peak files will be rebuilt when you open the project.
Jameson_Prod wrote on 11/25/2004, 5:31 AM

No movement of files to new location.....

No re-setting time zones or any clock settings......

GmElliott wrote on 11/25/2004, 8:32 AM
Yep same here- no changes what so ever.
scottshackrock wrote on 11/25/2004, 10:19 AM
for the record, this happens to me too.

usually when I havn't opened the project in a few days. It's kinda random, havn't noticed any trend to when it chooses to rebuild or not...wierd. ha
Julius_911 wrote on 11/25/2004, 10:52 AM
Me too..No changes to any drive letters, or date or time changes..or any windows updates..nothing...not even connected to changes of file locations or veg..

For me this is not a big issue, rather have your resources implementing more cool stuff for V6!!! Go Vegas!!
SonyTSW wrote on 11/26/2004, 11:12 AM
Some things to check:

Are your media files on a drive or in a folder where you don't have write permission? e.g., media on a CD-ROM, a network location where you can't write to the folder, etc.

Is the last modification date for your media files somehow getting changed? This value is compared with a corresponding value stored in the peak file header to determine if the peak file is out of date. If your media file last modify date is changed that will result in peak files being rebuilt.

Are your media files on an external drive? Firewire or USB? Are other Firewire devices active?

If you have your media files on an external drive, are you properly shutting it down when you remove it from your computer while the computer is still running? There is a Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray that you should use to tell Windows you are removing the drive.

ken c wrote on 11/26/2004, 1:53 PM
I keep getting rebuilding peak files constantly as well, with no changes made to source drives or other resources.

It's an annoying Vegas bug that needs to be fixed.

I've tested it and found it rebuilt peak files regardless of whether the source media + peak are stored on the main C:\ drive or my external non-changing firewire drives.

Another bugfix request for Vegas 6.

JJKizak wrote on 11/26/2004, 2:12 PM
The only time my files rebuild is creating a brand new project or after the project is old and many cuts and fx's applied and I change the main sound file in it's entirety in Forge before any editing was applied such as "click and crackle remove", then the peaks will be rebuilt because the entire sound file was changed and resaved by Forge. It will not rebuild the peaks if I substitute the original avi file by changing the file endings in explorer. Hence I can take the original avi project and run it through Deshaker in Virtual dub, change the file endings so Vegas looks for the same file only its now different. Then all of the edits and fx's and composites and whatever are not changed but the original avi is now "Deshaked".