Why doesn't Titles and Text see some fonts?

PeterWright wrote on 12/5/2015, 10:18 PM
A client has asked me to change the font in a whole set of captions to Arial Black.

Oh good, I thought - I deliberately used Title and Text for these, so I can use a script to change them all at once.

Titles and Text, however, cannot "find" Arial Black, even though it is on the computer.

The Legacy Text generator, however CAN see Arial Black, but it is not automatable, so I have to go through each one individually and change it.

I'm sure there's an explanation - but what is it?


NormanPCN wrote on 12/5/2015, 10:41 PM
The explanation is that it is a long standing bug (my terminology) in Titles and text.

There have been plenty of threads on this over the years.
Kit wrote on 12/5/2015, 10:51 PM
Could it be an OpenType Font versus a TrueType font? I think one of them doesn't show up but can't remember which.
Grazie wrote on 12/6/2015, 12:16 AM
I've got 2 tests to try. Within WINDOWS, not Vegas Pro, firstly copy the Veg file and rename it. Using this copy move it to another NEW TEST FOLDER. Reboot PC. Open TEST veg, Now try to see if ARIAL BLACK is found. Any good? If that didn't, add a new T&T and try again. Any good?

Notwithstanding the well documented and annoying T&T bug, I think somehow, somewhere VP using T&T has lost its way to your font folders and specifically the ARIAL BLACK version. Have you done any major reinstalls on this PC since creating the Veg? Have you updated VP? I'm assuming you've got the latest VP. Can you determine if this VEG was created on an earlier version?


PeterWright wrote on 12/6/2015, 1:24 AM
Hi Grazie, thanks for the ideas.

Carefully tried your tests, but no difference. Titles and Text has:

Arial Narrow
Arial Rounded MT Bold and
Arial Unicode

... whereas Legacy Text has those four, plus:

Arial Baltic
Arial Black
Arial CE
Arial CYR
Arial TUR

So there must be something different about those last six - a difference that is not compatible with Titles and Text.

The VEG was created about three weeks ago, on this latest version - no reinstals or updates since then.

Anyway I've now been through and manually copied almost 50 T & Ts into new Legacy events - the most annoying thing is that I deliberately used T&T so that if I needed to change anything such as fonts, I could do them all in one operation.
Grazie wrote on 12/6/2015, 2:01 AM
Totally maddening.


wwaag wrote on 12/6/2015, 8:32 PM
Here's an easy workaround, at least for Arial Black on V13. Open Word (I used Word 2007). Select Arial Black font and type something, then copy. Open Vegas, Insert Text Event. Highlight and then Paste. The same title from Word will now display in the Text and Title box in arial black.. Then save as a Preset. Now add new titles and simply apply that preset. It indicates Verdana but displays Arial Black. You can then change font size. If you have Vegasaur, you can apply the preset it to multiple text events. Try it. Sure beats fooling around with Legacy Text.


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PeterWright wrote on 12/6/2015, 9:14 PM
Thanks wwaag - I'll give that a try later - I've already remedied my situation the long hard way!