brokenrecords wrote on 10/22/2002, 3:30 PM
They plan on doing this with the final release.
Chienworks wrote on 10/22/2002, 4:27 PM
Any sort of MPEG/MP3 support is usually not available in beta versions due to licensing fees. Even though it's a free beta version, SonicFoundry would still owe the licensing fee to the Motion Picture Experts Group. For this reason they wait until people are paying for the shipping version before adding MPEG/MP3 features.
SonyDennis wrote on 10/22/2002, 10:53 PM

Right on the money. <g>

Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/23/2002, 1:15 AM
I think that it also compromises the product's integrity. Who want's their product associated with compromised sound quality sorced from an MP3 ?

That being said, they can't have a 'music taste and recording quality' filter on the front end either, so it is inevitable it will be included on release.... ;-)

Chienworks wrote on 10/23/2002, 12:01 PM
Dennis: LOL! Well, i read one of the SF guys post that answer a few months back ;)