why there is no enough space in subject to write ?

hanihijaz wrote on 3/13/2015, 5:03 PM
Dear Moderator,

There I find no enough place in the subject column and thus one cannot write what one wants precisely as in my previous thread there I wanted to write sony vegas 5 but cursor did not move ahead so I was unable to elaborate more precisely about my topic in the subject and one might do not fully understands what I actually need to ask.

Please give more writing space in the subject.

Love to all forum mates and the moderators!



Geoff_Wood wrote on 3/13/2015, 9:52 PM
The 'subject' is for the subject - not an essay.

If you are unable to condense to a sensible size 'subject', then there are issues other than Vegas that need to be addressed ;-)

Chienworks wrote on 3/13/2015, 11:37 PM
Most of the time when my boss emails me he writes his entire message in the subject line with no body. Gets a little annoying. ;)